How to Use .SRT Files on Kapwing

How to Use .SRT Files on Kapwing

A .SRT file (or "Subrip") stores subtitle or caption data. In an .SRT file, individual captions are paired with their start and end time stamp to encode when subtitles or caption should appear in a video.

On Kapwing, creators can import captions from an existing SRT file and export their subtitles as an SRT file. This article will explain how to use SRT files with Kapwing.

What is a .SRT file used for on Kapwing?

Users who have .SRT files created on a different platform, can upload their .SRT files to add "Open Captions" to videos.

Kapwing Pro users are also able to export an SRT file from Kapwing using the "Download SRT" button.

How to upload an SRT or VTT file to Kapwing

1. Click Upload .SRT/.VTT.

2. Select your .SRT or .VTT file in your file directory.

We have certain restrictions on our Subtitle generation tool for users in a Free workspace. Please see our Pricing Page for more information.

How to download .SRT files from Kapwing:

Creating and downloading .SRT files is a paid feature, so you will need to upgrade your workspace if you have not already.

After you have upgraded and have created your subtitles (manually or with auto-generation), click the "Download" button in the Subtitle tool and you can select an .SRT, .VTT, or .TXT file to be downloaded to your device.

How can I open a .SRT file?

You can open a .SRT file in Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac) to view the plain text, edit, and check for errors.

Windows = Right click on .SRT file > "Open with" > "More apps" > "Notepad"
Mac = Right click on .SRT file > "Open with" > "Other" > "TextEdit"

Where can I use a .SRT file besides Kapwing?

If you do not want to permanently add subtitles to your video, you can use the .SRT file to add closed captions. SRT files can be uploaded as closed captions to other video sharing platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Please Note: We do not troubleshoot upload acceptance to 3rd party platforms and we do not inspect .SRT files that are not created/generated within our product.


Most platforms will not accept an SRT file that has overlapping start and end times. Ensure that your start and end timestamps on Kapwing do not overlap if you want to download the SRT for closed captioning.

Most platforms will be unable to parse an SRT files that has a sequence of numbers that look like a timestamp ("10:23.2"). Occasionally, we've has psalm or bible verse numbers cause an error. Insert spaces or use dashes instead to add subtitles like this in your SRT file.