Saying Goodbye to Scenes

Starting May 1st, 2022, creators will no longer be able to make videos using the Scenes view in Kapwing. Read on to learn more about what's changing, why we made this decision, and how to make videos in Kapwing without Scenes.

Our Watermark Policy

If you are a creator using the free plan of Kapwing, you may notice a watermark is added to some of your projects. Read on to learn more about when watermarks are added to Kapwing projects, how they affect free plan users, and why we made this decision.

Is Kapwing Free?

Yes! Kapwing is free to use. We offer Free users access to all of our tools. We even allow Free users who sign in to create watermark-free content.

Why Do GIFs Export Larger Than The Original Video File?

You uploaded an MP4 file, trimmed and edited it on Kapwing, and then exported it as a GIF file. GIFs are images, and you trimmed the duration, so why is the GIF file larger than the video file that you started with?? We answer this burning question in this article.

Output Quality FAQ

Vibrant, crisp and beautiful videos are the gold standard online. At Kapwing, we aim to make video creation not just easy, but also high quality. Here are some technical tips and commonly asked questions around output quality to improve your creations.