1. Click “Sign In”.
2. Select one of two sign-in options: Google Account or Facebook.
3. Enter your login credentials.

Why can't I sign up for Kapwing with an email and password?

Right now, Kapwing only supports signing in with a Google or Facebook Account because this method is more secure and quick. You don't have to remember an additional password and username for our site.

We hope to develop our own account system eventually, but don't have the engineering resources to support it yet.

If you do not have either type of account, you can create a Google Account for free and use it to sign into Kapwing.

Do I need an Account to use Kapwing?

All our tools are available for free without an account, but here are the benefits of using an account:

  1. No watermark (free)
  2. Free storage for 7 days (unlimited storage duration with Pro account)
  3. Delete your content

I can't sign into my Kapwing account!

You're having trouble signing in to create an account, or you've created an account but you're unable to sign into access your workspace - what can you do?

The most common reason that people can't sign in is because of ad blockers or pop up blocks. Depending on the browser you're using, you may need to give the website permission to open a popup (which enables Google Authentication). You can check to see if you have any extensions or software installed that could block a sign in modal. Sometimes, people have trouble signing in because Google and Facebook are blocked by their network (work or school networks).

If those tips don't help, you can also try restarting your browser, using a different browser, signing out of your Google or Facebook account in another tab, or trying again with a different email address.