How to Make a Custom YouTube Outro (with Templates)

Use this YouTube outro template to create an end screen that will drive your viewers to your other related content or compel them to subscribe.

How to Make a Custom YouTube Outro (with Templates)

YouTube content has become so popular that “YouTuber” is now one of the most coveted professions among people in America. As of February 2022, there are 38 million active YouTube channels with 15 million of them being content creators. It's a given that you need to find a way to stand out amongst the crowd in some way.

Other than your YouTube intro, you need to make sure your YouTube outro is enticing enough for your viewers to take action on being part of your community. This could mean several things like subscribing to your channel or watching another video of yours. The end-goal depends on you.

In this article, I’ll show you how to make your own YouTube outro, design a distinctive layout, and add your end card screen to every video you create. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Use the YouTube outro template in Kapwing.
  2. Create your background layout.
  3. Add your YouTube outro to your YouTube video.
  4. Upload to YouTube!

Step 1: Start with a YouTube outro template in Kapwing.

To start designing your own YouTube outro and end screen, use this template in Kapwing, a free online content creation tool.

When you create your own custom layout for your end screen, keep in mind where you want to direct your viewers at the end of the video.

If you direct your viewers toward just one video, it will grab more of their attention. But if you show them a few different buttons, they’ll have more of your content to choose from.

An image of the Kapwing End Screen Template for YouTube videos.
Use this template in Kapwing as a YouTube outro maker.

With this template, the shapes are left as placeholders– the circle for your channel's profile picture and the rectangles for your other videos or playlists.

You'll be able to arrange these end cards when you are uploading your video to YouTube. For now, we're only working on your background design in Kapwing.  

Step 2: Create your background layout.

Let your creativity run free when you design the background for your YouTube outro end screen. In Kapwing, there are lots of design elements you can add to your project like:

When you select a layer to add to your end screen, you’ll see all your editing options in the right navigation bar. I recommend using distinctively colored outlines for your end cards, a custom background design, and some text as your call-to-action.

For my background, I selected a geometric background in the "Images" tab in the left navigation bar, adjusted the size, then right-clicked and selected "Send to Back" to set it as the background of my project.

Adding a geometric background to the YouTube outro template.

Then, I customized the text by adding a white outline and a drop shadow.

Add an outline or a drop shadow to text.

Finally, I added animated elements by searching for "gold arrows" in the "Elements" tab in the right navigation bar to draw attention to the cards.

Add 2D animation to your YouTube end screen.

Note: Make sure the elements you're adding to your project doesn't blend in with your background by dragging the placeholder box to the side and checking.

Step 3: Add your end screen to your YouTube outro.

In the YouTube Studio, you can add end screen features to your outro, but the cards would just be displayed over the last part of your video and interrupt your content. Instead, add your YouTube outro to your video before uploading it to YouTube.

First, export your YouTube outro as a GIF and download the file. Once you've downloaded it, add it to the end of your YouTube video (assuming you've uploaded or edited your video in Kapwing already).

Export and download your YouTube outro and add it to the end of your YouTube video.

You can adjust the length of your YouTube outro by dragging the end of the image layer or choosing the duration from the dropdown arrow in the right navigation bar. When you're satisfied with your project, click "Export Video" and download!

Step 4: Upload to YouTube!

Navigate to your YouTube channel and upload your video. To add your end screen with interactive cards, you need to set your video as "Not made for kids."

In the next step under "Video Elements," select "Add" next to the "Add an end screen" option. From there, you can select which end screen cards you want to place in your YouTube outro and where you want each to lead to.

Adding end screen cards to the YouTube outro in YouTube Studio.

When you’ve added the right videos, playlists, or channels and everything looks the way you want, go ahead and publish your video to YouTube!

Hopefully this has helped you explore your creativity and design the YouTube outro and end screen you imagined. If you need more YouTube outro or intro ideas, check out Kapwing's template collection full of YouTube outro templates you can use without having to pay, sign in, or install any software.

Get started in Kapwing for free now!

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