How to Make Custom Printable Bingo Cards

Make a custom printable bingo card for your next family game night. In a few easy steps, you'll have a printable bingo card that can be customized for different themes throughout the year.

How to Make Custom Printable Bingo Cards

Family game night is a great way to create memories while promoting healthy competition. Some classic board games that were in rotation during my childhood are Monopoly, Clue, and The Game of Life (my personal favorite). One game turned into two, then three, and before we knew it, hours went by filled with laughter and entertainment. After a while, our favorite games became repetitive, and it was time for something new. Thankfully, there are games you can make at home, so you don't have to spend a dime!

Bingo is the perfect game to get the entire family involved. It's easy to learn and helps pass the time while enjoying the company of loved ones. Each player gets a card with a set of random numbers and a free space. The host draws a number, and if it's on your card, mark that square. The first person to get five squares in a row shouts "Bingo" to claim their victory then reads aloud the marked squares.

In this article, I'll show you how to make a custom printable bingo card for your next game night. You can make different versions for holidays, seasons, and special occasions like a wedding or baby shower.

  1. Set the canvas size
  2. Make a header
  3. Create a bingo grid
  4. Add numbers and a free space

Set the Canvas Size

We'll be creating a custom bingo card in Kapwing, a free online photo, and video editor. Let's start with creating the canvas and header. Open Kapwing Studio and click Get Started. Click Start with a Blank Canvas, then Custom Size. Type 2400 X 3000 for the output size. These dimensions are for an 8x10 size bingo card.

To help you get started, click the button below to use our printable bingo card template!


Make a Header

Click Elements and choose the rectangle. Resize the rectangle to fit the top of the canvas. With the shape selected, choose a color from the color panel or type in a hex code for a custom color. Click Text, select a font, and type Bingo. Increase the font size so the title fits the rectangle.

Create a Bingo Grid

Now, let's create a grid for our numbers. Click Elements and choose the line shape. Place five horizontal lines across the canvas, evenly spaced apart, starting underneath the header.

Make four vertical lines and space them apart to create a 5X5 bingo grid.

Add numbers and a free space

All we need to add are numbers and a free space to complete our custom bingo card. Click Text to add your first number. Click Duplicate to type additional numbers that are the same size. You can use text, a symbol, or a picture for the free space. I clicked Elements and added a star to center of the bingo card.

In addition to numbers, you can use images and text for your bingo card. For example, images of a caramel apple, pumpkin, and boots would be great for a fall-themed bingo card. A tv-show themed bingo card could have boxes with popular phrases and character names. When you're happy with the final results, click Export Image then, Download.

When you're ready to print, make sure to click the correct paper size and Fill Entire Paper in your printer settings.

I hope this printable bingo card will come in handy when hosting your next family gathering. Get creative and make templates for different themes to keep the fun going. For more content, make sure to subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp.  

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