In the world of smartphones, vertical (portrait) photos and videos have taken over the way that we capture and share our favorite memories on social media. However, horizontal (landscape) videos are still the standard in television and movies, plus you can showcase more action on the screen.

If you’re a modern content creator and you realized you actually want your vertical video to be horizontal instead, I’ll show you how to make the switch in Kapwing. I’ll go over everything that you need to know about aspect ratios, scaling and resizing your video, and different ways to achieve the horizontal video look. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Upload Your Video on Kapwing
  2. Change the Aspect Ratio and Scale the Video
  3. (Optional) Add a Blurred Background
  4. Export and Download the Horizontal Video

Step One: Upload Your Video on Kapwing

Go to on your desktop or mobile device and select Start Editing. Select Click to upload and find the vertical video from your camera roll or folder. After choosing a video, wait a few seconds for the video to load into the timeline.

Use Kapwing on your mobile or desktop device, then upload your video(s)

Step Two: Change the Aspect Ratio and Scale the Video

Once the video has loaded into the timeline, you can change the aspect ratio. On desktop, go to the right-hand side panel and choose 16:9 as the output size. On mobile, select Edit Background and choose 16:9 as the output size. The canvas should now be in a horizontal position.

Next, tap on your video and four dots should appear on each corner. Drag one of the corners until you see the video fit into the entire canvas size. You will see a horizontal and vertical red line going through the canvas when the video has aligned in the middle of the canvas. If you don’t want the video background to be white, you can select Edit Background to change the colors to one that you like more. If you don't want to add a blurred background or change the background color you can export the video.

(Optional) Step Three: Add a Blurred Background

If you want to fill up the white space for the horizontal video, some video creators like to add a blurry background to the video. On desktop, copy the video and paste it into the timeline - this will be your new background video layer. On mobile, upload the same video into the timeline. You should now see two layers in the timeline. For the background video layer, use the purple corners to drag and resize one of the video layers to take up the whole canvas.

On desktop, find the Adjust button on the right-hand side panel and use the Blur slider tool to create a blurred background. On mobile, select the background layer and tap Edit video then Adjust. Scroll down to the bottom until you see Blur. Drag the slider to the right to blur the background and tap Done Adjusting.

Before and after adding blur to the background layer video

Step Four: Export and Download the Horizontal Video

After changing the aspect ratio and scaling the video, you’re ready to export! Tap the green Export Video button above the workspace. When the video finishes processing, click the Download button and the video will be saved to your device. You can sign in and create a free account to Kapwing to remove the watermark before posting it on social media.

I hope that this video helped you change your vertical video to a horizontal one. If you decide you want to switch back to vertical video, you can select the 9:16 output size in the Kapwing Studio workspace. If you’re interested in more photo and video editing tips, visit our Resources page where we post written tutorials regularly. Don’t forget to tag us @KapwingApp on social media to share what you’ve made with Kapwing - we love supporting our creators! While you’re here, check out related articles below: