How to Edit Instagram Stories

Instagram made it easy to edit Stories with colorful text, brushes, and more for eye-catching posts. Here's how to edit Instagram Stories before and after posting.

How to Edit Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories can pack a punch in 15 seconds if you create an eye-catching design. With numerous brushes, stickers, and filters it can be hard to know where to begin.

Instagram Story templates are a great starting place if you need something quick without sacrificing quality design. Others want full creative control, so editing a Story from start to finish is the best option. I used to make story templates for challenges so I know my way around this feature.

In this article, I'll cover ways you can edit your Stories, then how to edit a Story after posting it to your profile. Let's get started!

How to Edit Insta Stories Before Posting

In this section, I'm showing two ideas you can use to edit a Story before posting it to your profile. As we go through each step, feel free to add your own spin to make it unique. At the end, you'll be editing Instagram Stories like a pro!

Step One: Open Instagram and Launch Stories

Open Instagram on your mobile device and tap your profile picture to open Instagram Story. You can also access Stories by visiting your profile then tapping the plus sign at the top right corner of the screen.

two screenshots showing how to open Instagram Story

Step Two: Upload or Record a Video or Picture

Instagram Story videos can be up to 15 seconds long and Story pictures play for 7 seconds. The optimal aspect ratio for a video or picture is 9x16. You can upload a video or picture from your camera roll by tapping the square in the bottom left corner. Tap the record button to snap a picture or record a video. For this tutorial, I'm going to upload a picture from my iPhone.

two screenshots showing how to upload a picture to Instagram Story

Step Three: Edit Instagram Story

This is where the story comes to life. I'm going to start with two creative text ideas you can customize. The first example is really easy to make even if it's your first time editing a Story post. Tap the text tool, type a letter, and add a background color. To create white text you have to tap the background tool twice.

You can use the color picker tool to grab a color from your picture or choose a color at the bottom of the screen. A gradient color palette would be cool or you could keep it simple by alternating two colors. It's up to you! Keep typing out each letter and arrange them onto the screen however you prefer. You can make each letter a different size and font.

screenshots showing how to add text with a background color to Instagram Story

Tap the text tool again and type underscores repeatedly to create a line. Then, place the line vertically behind letters of your choice. That's it!

screenshots showing to to make a line on Instagram Story

For the second idea, type a word in all caps and pinch the text to make it larger. Type underscores to make a line and use the color picker to make the line the same color as the background.

screenshot showing how add a line to the center of a word on Instagram story

Place the line horizontally over the text and stretch it with your fingers so it fits across the entire word. Type a word using your preferred font and a color that shows up well against the line.

Now, let's decorate the backgrounds. I used the neon brush and added dots around these friends to highlight them. You can keep it simple with one color or use a different color for each dots. Then, I used the highlighter brush to create strokes on the second example. The idea is to paint across the picture, then use the erase brush to remove the stroke so the subject overlaps. Experiment with different brushes and designs until you create something you like. I've seen users draw rainbows and decorate the corners to make a border.

two screenshots showing how to use the brush tool on Instagram Story

As you can see, the possibilities for creating unique Story posts are nearly endless with Instagram's intuitive tools. These examples are a great foundation to help you build more eye-catching posts in the future. Next, I'm covering how to edit a Story after tapping the share button.

How to Edit Instagram Stories After Posting

You've crafted the perfect Instagram Story with dazzling text, colorful brush designs, and more, but after hitting post you notice something. A glaring typo, a missing word, or simply a change of heart are all good reasons to edit an Instagram Story. In this section, I'll show you how to do just that.

Step One: Download Your Story

Currently, there isn't a way to edit Stories within the app after posting. The best option is to save the Story, edit it with another application, and post it again. Here's how to do this. Open your Story and tap the three dots in the bottom right corner. Then tap save, and save photo or Story.  

Step Two: Upload Story to Kapwing

I'm using Kapwing, an online video editor to edit my post. You can use Kapwing on any iPhone, Android, PC, or tablet. Head over to Kapwing and click start editing. Then, tap click to upload and add your picture into the Studio.

Step Three: Edit Instagram Story

If you notice a typo or you simply want to use another font, this is for you. I'm going to use a Story post from the section above, but you can tailor these tips for your Story post.

First, I'm going click elements and add a square for each letter. You can resize the square by dragging the corners, then click edit shape to round the corners and choose a color. You can use a similar color or choose something different. Once you get the perfect square click duplicate to cover each one.

If you just need to cover one word, you can make the shape the same color as your background and place it over the text.

To add text, click the text tool, type a letter (or word depending on your post) then click edit text to choose a font and color. You have way more variety here so take your time finding the perfect font, then add your new text to your Story. I also added more text to my post.

Let's say the lighting is a little weird or you want to add a filter to give your Story some flair. Tap your photo, then tap edit image and select adjust. From here you can change the opacity, brightness, contrast, and more. The filters tab gives you 17 popular filters to experiment with including Sepia, Maxwell, and Yosemite. Try as many as you like and you can use the adjust tab to change the intensity of a filter.

Last but not least is music. You can add a song in Instagram Story with the music sticker, but if you don't have access to this sticker yet, try this instead. Click audio and upload an mp3 or paste a link to a video or audio URL. You can trim the audio by dragging the ends of the layer. Keep the song under 15 seconds so it's the right length for a Story post.

When you're finished, Click export at the top of the Studio, then click download to save it to your device. Create a free account with Kapwing to quickly remove the watermark and to edit your Story for up to two days.

If you edit an Instagram Story with the help of this tutorial, please tag us on Instagram so we can see! Subscribe to our TikTok and YouTube channel for more tutorials for modern creators.

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