The Cover spot on a business’s Facebook page give the viewer a first impression of the brand, product, or service. A Facebook Cover video is a powerful opportunity to capture the visitor’s attention and communicate information quickly and memorably.

Cover Videos are currently allowed in two places on Facebook:

  • A business profile page. Personal Facebook profiles do not support Cover Videos, so companies that have banners with music and animation stand out from others.
  • An event cover. This article focuses on business profile covers, but you can use this template to make a cover video for a Facebook event.

In this article, I’ll describe how to make a Cover Video using Kapwing’s online tools for your professional Facebook Page. This post has the tutorial, examples, and the free online tools you need to prepare your video for the Facebook Cover area.

Video Specifications

If your video doesn’t meet Facebook’s requirements, you won’t be able to upload it as your Cover. Ensure that your video is the right length and size.

To make your video the right size, use this free Facebook Cover Template.

Length: 20-60 sec

Facebook Cover Videos must be between 20 and 60 seconds long. You can make your video longer by looping it, slowing it down, or adding images/clips to it. Make a video shorter by trimming it or speeding it up.

Screenshot of Kapwing’s Trim Tool

Size: 820px by 312px

Most sources say that a Facebook Cover Video must be 820×462, the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. However, when viewers watch your cover video on a computer, about 25% of your video will be cropped out of the frame. That’s because only 312 pixels show up on the desktop viewer.

Screenshot of 820×426 video cutoff

On mobile, in contrast, people who visit your profile have to click on your Cover Video before it starts playing. On mobile, the video plays in full-width, so the viewers always see the whole thing. So, we suggest changing your video to 820×312.

I recommend using Kapwing’s Resizer to make your video the right size for the Facebook Cover area. It’s a free online tool designed specifically to change the aspect ratio of photos and videos. To make a Facebook Cover, open Kapwing’s Resizer and upload your video. You can also import from YouTube or Facebook by pasting a URL, if the video is already online.

Resizer Homepage

Choose the Facebook Cover option in the left menu to preview what your video will look like in the 820×312 frame. Add padding, reposition, and crop the video so that it looks like you want it to, then click “CREATE” to process your new Facebook Cover.

Kapwing’s resizer has a trim video feature built in, if you need to shorten your video.


On Facebook, profile visitors see the Cover Video thumbnail when they’re on the Facebook mobile App or if they’re on a slow connection. To entice mobile viewers to click on and watch your Cover Video, it’s important to make a good impression with the thumbnail.

However, Facebook doesn’t allow you to upload a custom thumbnail and, once you’ve uploaded and positioned your Cover Video, only gives you 10 options for the Cover Frame. To choose a custom frame for your Cover thumbnail, you’ll need to insert that image at the beginning of your video before uploading it.

What Video Should I Use?

Since a Facebook page already has a lot of rich media and content, be careful not to make the Facebook Cover too busy or overwhelming. A good Facebook Cover video reinforces your brand and gives the prospective customer more information about the business, but does not distract from the page’s main posts. Consider how you can incorporate subtle movements, background music, and slow-moving action to communicate your brand.

Animation or cinemagraph

A short, looping animation or cinemagraph adds subtle energy to your Facebook page. It’s different enough to capture the viewer’s attention, but similar enough to a photo that it doesn’t overload the cover graphic. Just loop your short animation, GIF, or clip to make it longer than 20 seconds.

Subtle background animation emphasizes the centered logo

Image Video with Music

Businesses with a musical identity or service — like an entertainer, record label, or motivational speaker – can convert their Facebook Cover photo to a video and add audio. This simple technique enables you to showcase music or a voice soundtrack.

Visual tour

For a business with a physical location, showing viewers the interior and a preview of the work you do can be a great way to build trust and give customers more information. Facebook Cover videos are an excellent way to show off the inside of a hotel, restaurant, museum, home, or venue.

A slow-panning or timelapse video filmed from a smartphone or GoPro gives the viewer a good sense of setting.

Animated Logo/Slogan

Animated logos or slogans make for a great YouTube intro and cover video. You can add some background music to give the post more energy.

Repost a Promo Video

If you have already had a promotional video made for your company, you can reuse it for your Cover Video. Just download the video and resize it to post on Facebook. If the promo vide is busy with a lot of action, consider muting the video to reduce sensory overload.

How to Post a Cover Video

When you’re ready to upload your video, go to your business Facebook Page on a computer. (It’s still not possible to set your Facebook Cover to a video through the Facebook App). Click the “Change Cover” button in the upper right-hand corner of the Cover Area. Then select “Upload Photo/Video” from the menu and find the video you want to use.

Facebook shows a loading bar while the video uploads and encodes. Then, you have the option to reposition and confirm the video before it’s published to your Facebook cover.

Once your video uploads, people can watch it inline on your business profile page or if they tap on the play icon on mobile. Note that, in the Facebook mobile App, the cover video has a play button overlay.

Screenshot of a Cover Video on a business page

That’s all you need to know about posting a Cover Video on a business Facebook page! Hopefully this resource helps you promote your brand and services on Facebook.