How to Add Link Stickers to Instagram Stories

You no longer need 10,000 followers to add links to Instagram Stories, and here’s how to do it.

How to Add Link Stickers to Instagram Stories

We’ve waited a long time to post links on Instagram.

It used to be that each Instagram account could have a single precious link in your bio, and no more. Later, Instagram added the ability to share links as a swipe-up feature in Stories — but only for Instagram accounts that had 10,000 or more followers.

Finally, in October 2021, Instagram unleashed links to everyone with link stickers — the ability to add clickable links to Instagram stories, no follower count required.

It was a game changer. Brands could link to their products, friends could share an interesting article, creators could link to other platforms, activists could link to fundraisers — all with a simple sticker.

Here we’ll go over exactly how to use the link stickers feature in Instagram Stories and how to make them shine. We’ll also review some examples of how to use Instagram link stickers for maximum impact.

How to add a link to an Instagram Story

Let’s walk through the steps of how to add link stickers to an Instagram Story.

First, swipe right on your home screen to create a new post. Make sure you’re creating a Story, and not a regular post. Select or take an image or video and once you’re happy with it, we’ll add the sticker.

Let’s start with this picture of a cat in a pop-up tent. We’re going to include a link to the product page.

First, tap the sticker icon in the top right. It looks like a rounded square with a smiley face.

Here you’ll see the different types of stickers you can add. We’re going to select the link icon.

Next, add your link. To make it easy, already have your link copied to your clipboard.

You can tap See Preview to make sure the link goes exactly where you want it to.

Next, tap Customize sticker text. Here you can change the text of your link, otherwise the default will be the website you’re linking to.

Ready to go? Tap Done. The link sticker will now appear over your post. You can drag it to a different position in your Story, make it bigger or smaller, or tap it to change the text style. It’s best to place the sticker in the “safe zone” in the middle of the post.

You’re done! Post away.

If you want to include multiple links, simply create multiple link stickers, or create a new Story slide for more clickable links.

Spice up your CTA

Now that we know how to change the text of link stickers, let’s talk about how to make that text perfect.

The key to creating a great Call to Action, or CTA, with your link text is to keep it short and snappy. The longer your CTA, the smaller your text will be, so short and bold is the way to go.

Keep your CTA to only two or three words for maximum impact, like how the brands below have done in their Instagram stories.

If you’re an e-commerce brand, a simple “SHOP NOW” is very effective, especially if you’re directly showcasing a product in your Instagram Story. It’s the most direct path to convert a viewer into a customer.

Here’s an example from Holo Taco nail polish:

Another great method for e-commerce brands is to encourage potential customers to learn more about your product, especially if there’s more to say about its benefits than you can fit into a single Instagram Story.

Natural Patch, for example, used “LEARN MORE” to entice shoppers to educate themselves on how their mosquito-repellent patches work.

Again, another short but punchy CTA is a simple “GET OFFER” if you’re promoting a deal, like how Good Food meal kits did in this Instagram Story.

You can also inject a little bit more of your personality into the CTA, if that's more in line with your personal or company brand. Lifestyle influencer and blogger Mary Orton frequently links to products she uses and recommends and her CTAs are often as funny, sarcastic, and witty as she is.

Remember that your CTA is a natural extension of your Instagram Story. The Story itself contains the narrative you’re trying to tell and showcases your product, service, or other offering. The CTA encourages viewers to go a step further if the Story caught their eye.

When in doubt, keep it short, keep it simple, and keep it bold.

We now know how to make a compelling Instagram link sticker, but when is it a good idea to add links to Stories? The answer is anytime you want to send viewers to anything off of the Instagram app.

Here are some ways to use Instagram Story links to drive traffic:

Share your new content

Whether you’re a creator or a brand, you’re definitely creating content in places other than Instagram. If someone follows you on Instagram, that’s an indication that they’re interested in everything you post, no matter where you post it.

You can use Instagram story links to send followers to your content, whether it’s on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Spotify, or elsewhere. People tend to check Instagram stories more often than other social media platforms, so sharing links in your Stories means followers will be alerted to new content sooner.

Here, YouTuber and podcaster Simply Nailogical shared a link to her latest YouTube video about attending a Taylor Swift concert.

You'll also notice this is a little bit of a cross-promotional post. She's promoting content on her podcast channel, not her main channel. If you or your brand have multiple channels, you can leverage Instagram Stories on your main account (where you likely have the most followers) to link to content on your other accounts.

Promote a new product or collab

A new product launch is the perfect opportunity to place a link in your Instagram Stories. Rather than having to close the story, find your website, then search for the product, you can link directly to individual products or collections right then and there.

Here, Catbird jewelry shows off their collaboration line with musician Phoebe Bridgers and links directly to the collection.

Share an event

Whether it’s an international concert series, or a local comedy show, Instagram is a great place to promote events to your followers. Use the sticker link to share exactly where to get tickets or RSVP for an event.

Here, Toronto restaurant Stock TC shares a link to purchase tickets for an in-store event.

Share a countdown

Countdown timers are an excellent way to build buzz around a new product launch, event, or sale. While you can create countdowns natively on Instagram, sending followers to your own site is an opportunity to gather email addresses and fully control the experience of a launch.

Here, Fenty Beauty shares a countdown to the launch of a new skin product.

Ask for donations

Share a good cause on Instagram with a link, whether it's your own fundraiser as a non-profit, or to share your favorite causes.

For example, Red Cross Canada included a link sticker to solicit donations to help those affected by wildfires.

Post an article

Read something great? Share it!

Link stickers can be used to share articles online, whether it’s one you wrote, a blog post for your brand, or perhaps a mention of your brand in the media.

The New York Times, for example, creates a Story graphic for new articles and then always includes a link directly to the article.

Throughout most of Instagram’s history, linking has been a clunky and frustrating experience. We all remember trying to stretch as much use as possible out of the link-in-bio or hoping to get access to the swipe-up feature.

Now, with link stickers, Instagram Stories can take followers anywhere you want them to go. Whether that’s a product, an article, a Twitch stream, or your TikTok account, you have a way to connect followers to everywhere you exist online.

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1. Why can't I add a link to my Instagram story?

It used to be the case that only Instagram users with at least 10,000 followers could include links in Instagram Stories with the swipe-up feature, but that’s not the case anymore. Anyone can now include a link by using a link sticker. If you can't find the feature, try updating your Instagram app or reach out to support.

To add a link sticker to an Instagram story, tap the sticker menu icon while editing your story, then click the link icon. From here you can include a link as well as adjust the text the link appears as.

There are only two places you can add a clickable link on Instagram: to your link-in-bio or as a link sticker on Stories. Adding a link to post captions or comments will not create a hyperlink and can't be copied, which will be frustrating for your followers. The best way to get your followers to click on relevant links is by adding them to your Story with the link sticker. You can even customize the link text to make them more click-worthy.

You no longer need 10,000 followers to add a link to an Instagram Story using the swipe up feature. Now, anyone can do it by using a link sticker.

5. How do you schedule a Story with a link sticker on Instagram?

The process is the same for sharing a Story live. Simply add a link sticker then schedule your Story as usual.

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