Instagram Bio Ideas: How to Craft the Perfect Bio for Instagram

Looking for Instagram bio ideas? We've got them for you. In this article, we'll share tips for how to write a killer Instagram bio as well as share examples of IG bios to spark your creativity.

Instagram Bio Ideas: How to Craft the Perfect Bio for Instagram

Your Instagram bio is the first thing someone sees when they land on your profile. Crafting witty, funny, or informative Instagram bios can help people understand who you are before scrolling through your Instagram profile to see your content.

As a brand or content creator, you can give people a quick snapshot of what you stand for, the brands you own, what makes you unique, your business hours, or what your business is in one sentence.

A compelling Instagram bio can hook someone in to follow you even before looking at a single post, so creating one for your Instagram account is a must.

In this article, we'll walk you through a start-to-finish guide on how to craft the perfect Instagram bio, including:

Let’s get started.

How to Write a Compelling Instagram Bio

Writing an Instagram bio can seem intimidating. You're making a first impression on people coming to your page, so you want to get it right. Fortunately, there are several strategies and tools you can use to speed up the process. We've covered a few here.

What Makes a Strong Instagram Bio?

A strong Instagram bio is typically six lines long and includes these key elements:

  1. Name. The first line is where you can include your brand name, full name (for content creators), or main keywords (if you want to be searchable).
  2. What you do. The second line is where you share a simple statement about what you do. Avoid jargon or vague statements about what your product is to help people quickly understand what your Instagram account is about.
  3. Other projects. The third line might include your associations, such as a company you own (if you're a creator) or other brand accounts your business owns.
  4. Value prop. The fourth line should include a key benefit or main value proposition of your business or personal brand – why would people want to buy from you or work with you? Answer that question in a single statement that makes clear why your brand is different from your competitors.
  5. Call-to-Action. The next line should be your main CTA. What’s the action that you want people who visit your Instagram profile to take? You can use an emoji to point to the link below to help draw the eye.
  6. Link. The last line in the bio will be the link you want people to visit. This might be a link to your website, a link landing page with multiple high-value links, or a specific URL you want people to visit at the moment (your latest YouTube video or a seasonal promotion you’re running, for example).

How to Write a Searchable Instagram Bio

Including keywords in your Instagram bio is part of Instagram SEO or search engine optimization. What does that mean? By using relevant keywords in your Instagram bio, it'll be easier for your account to pop up in Instagram’s search results.

For example, if you own a digital marketing agency, you'll want to include the words "digital marketing agency," or "marketing agency" in your bio. You might even replace your brand name with the keywords you select, while keeping your brand name for your handle only.

This account is the first search result for “Marketing Agency.”

Many digital marketing agencies use the hack where they replace their name with the keyword they want to rank for, so when people search those terms on Instagram, they show up closer to the top. People will still be able to find your business by your brand name, especially if your handle remains unchanged. It's a double source of traffic to your profile.

If you’re a brick and mortar business, location keywords are also important to include in your bio. For example, this bridal apparel store, Miosa Bride, has two locations. Their second location includes the city (Folsom) in the name part of their bio. This both helps distinguish this location from their primary store in Sacramento and catches search traffic from brides searching for wedding dress stores in the Folsom area specifically.

Use Instagram Bio Templates

There are multiple formats you can follow on how to structure your Instagram bio. The bigger the brand is (and the more brand recognition it has) the shorter your Instagram bio can be. For example, organizations like Airbnb don't need to over-explain who they are and what they stand for. Most people have heard of them.

If you're a content creator, you might include tags to brands you're associated with, your other social media accounts, or promote an upcoming event or launch. Many Instagram influencers share their TikTok account size in their bio to showcase that they're on other platforms and they've got big audiences there, too.

Best Tools for Writing an Instagram Bio

There are various tools you can use for writing an Instagram bio. If you need help crafting copy for an Instagram bio, you can use AI writing tools like Wordtune or Chat GPT4 to help give you a draft as a starting point.

You might ask an AI tool to "Write me four short lines for my Instagram bio for my course creation business geared towards entrepreneurs that describes my business in one line, has a key benefit in lines two and three, and has a call-to-action to sign-up for my webinar in line four." The more information you feed an AI tool, the better your results will be at crafting an Instagram bio that makes sense for your business.

How to Cultivate a Consistent Aesthetic in Your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram account is an extension of your visual branding, whether that’s personal branding or company branding. If you already have or want to craft a specific, immediately recognizable visual brand, your Instagram bio and profile need to contribute to that branded feel.

Here are a couple of areas you can focus on to create a seamless visual aesthetic on Instagram.

Use Emojis for an Aesthetic Instagram Bio

Emojis are a great way to showcase personality, add a pop of color, and add emphasis in your bio. You can use emojis to replace words or as a bullet point to create line breaks in your Instagram bio. Emojis are often used by content creators or playful brands.

Which emojis you use, or if you even use emojis, is largely dependent on the kind of brand or account you run. For example, if you run a fashion or beauty brand, a few cheeky emojis can inject a lot of personality to your bio. However, if you're running the account for a cancer research institute, they might come across as flippant or insincere because of the sensitive subject material.

Ultimately, emojis need to make sense with your brand personality and voice.

Add Aesthetic, Custom Covers to IG Story Highlights

While Story Highlights aren't exactly in the bio, they're one of the first things people see when looking at your bio. You can use templates to create unique Story Highlight covers that stand out. For example, YouTube's Instagram bio includes custom graphics for their Story Highlights that use a vibrant color palette with a simple graphic to make the Story Highlights pop when browsing their Instagram profile.

Alternatively, you can use a cohesive color palette or attention-grabbing photos, add a simple pattern design, or use icons to make your Story Highlights stand out. Alani Nutrition, an energy drink brand, uses bright, solid colors as their highlight covers. This keeps the super-saturated, vaporwave visual branding they have on all of their packaging and in their posts but doesn’t distract from the actual content below.

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Many brands see Instagram as mainly an awareness channel. And now that Meta has canceled the Reels Play bonus program, it’s true that there’s no direct way to make money on Instagram if you’re not an e-commerce brand. However, Instagram can still be a useful tool for growth.

One of the best ways to make Instagram work for you is knowing when and how to drive traffic away from Instagram to where it will have the most business impact. There are two main places you can add links: with the link sticker in Instagram Stories and your Instagram bio. Let’s talk about how to make the most of that link in bio.

Use a Call-to-Action in Your Instagram Bio

As a brand, your Instagram bio needs a clear CTA that directs people back to your product and website. And even if you're a content creator, there are probably still actions you want people to take when they visit your Instagram bio – whether that’s going to another channel where you make longer form content, checking out a collab you participated in, or using an affiliate link to buy a product you recommend.

In the last line of your bio, make sure to explicitly state what action you want people to take. You can also add some visual cues. An emoji, such as a finger pointing down or the downward arrow, will help draw the eye to the link below your bio.

Don’t be shy! Be direct in asking for what you want and telling people what they will get if they click that link.

Instagram bios only have one spot for a link, which can seem a little limiting, but it doesn’t have to be!

You can use tools like Linktree to create a link landing page. If you have multiple links you want to direct your Instagram followers to, a link landing page creates a single link for people to click on to find multiple resources.

For instance, if you’re a content creator, you may want to link to your merch store, an active brand collaboration, and your latest YouTube video. You can add all of those under your link landing page. Alternatively, if you own a small business, you might link out to multiple blog posts, your product page, other social media accounts, contest details, or even an FAQ page.

These link landing pages often have free plans with a limited number of links, branding options, etc., so you can trial the product. For more customization, like adding your own brand colors and fonts, you can always upgrade to keep that aesthetic, branded experience.

Instagram Bio Ideas for Brands and Creators

Now that you know the best practices for creating an Instagram bio, let's look at some inspiration from accounts that are killing it.

Instagram Bio Ideas for Course Creators

Stephobi's Instagram bio is all about how to work with her. In her first bio line she shares what she does with specific numbers to entice the collaboration. By explicitly saying, "Build a $10k - $30k/month coaching business" she’s announcing exactly what value people will get by taking her course.

Above her link-in-bio, she makes the direct ask, "Work with me" and then leads your eye down with an emoji. Her link-in-bio shares links for working together, her ebook, and an event registration.

Good Instagram Bio for Small Businesses

CLI Studios' Instagram bio follows a standard format that brands can emulate to share as much context to potential new followers as possible. They include a short line that describes exactly what they are: "The only dance app with every major style."

Then, they hook you in with a value proposition by highlighting what makes them great: their app has "1000+ online dance classes." Then, they mention you should tag them to be featured. This is a great way to get people to share their user-generated content with you and drive organic engagement.

Finally, they answer the question "what's in it for me" by offering you a free 7-day trial. They also use their Instagram bio to call out their other relevant accounts. In their bio link, they use LinkTree to include several links about their programs, audition details, blog, TikTok account, and more. What makes this a good Instagram bio is that you understand immediately what the brand is about and are even encouraged to engage with them on Instagram by tagging them.

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Clever Instagram Bios

The iconic inventor of Spanx, Sara Blakely, is a great example of what it takes to make a clever Instagram bio. Her bio highlights her relatable personality (who doesn’t love fries?), her personal mission statement (“it’s my calling to support women”), and her sense of humor.

Take her Instagram profile photo, in which she’s wearing a bra over her shirt, for example. Spanx sells undergarments, so it’s on brand while also showing that Sara Blakely is a funny gal who doesn’t take herself too seriously.

She tags her Spanx account in her bio, so you can check out her business. Tagging your business on your personal Instagram bio is something most entrepreneurs and creators do to help boost their business' visibility on Instagram.

Best Instagram Bios for Content Creators

Mr. Beast has one of the best Instagram bios. As a business owner or content creator, you need to have a call-to-action in your Instagram bio that drives people back to your product or that asks people to collaborate with you on a project.

Mr. Beast doesn't mess around with his bio. In one sentence, he shares his vision of what he stands for "I want to make the world a better place before I die." But in the second line he makes the ask of how you can support him, by going to Walmart to buy the chocolate he sells. His Instagram bio link goes directly to his chocolate website, so you can learn more about the chocolate (or buy).

Simple Instagram Bio Ideas

Whole Foods Market Instagram bio highlights the main benefit you'll get from following them, "discover new flavors, new favorites, & new ideas." They also include a branded hashtag that you can use to tag your food pictures with. Promoting your branded hashtag in your bio is a great way to encourage people to post content about your business. #WholeFoodsMarket has over 300,000 posts.

Cute Instagram Bios

The easiest way to create cute Instagram bios as a brand or creator is to use emojis. It'll help set a visual tone for who you are and what you stand for. Blume uses emojis at the start of each bio line to visually break up the bio into a bulleted list as well as add some color, personality, and tone.

Their bio highlights what they are, their unique value propositions (plant-based, organic, plastic neutral plus, all-female team, and Canadian). They also include a link in bio where you can shop their collection, subscribe to their email newsletter, find recipes or store locations, and more.

Creative Instagram Bios

Having a creative Instagram bio isn’t just about using different fonts and emojis. You can also create a creative Instagram bio by highlighting your business's product. In Teva's Instagram bio, they ask people to send them their old sandals so that they can be recycled. Their products are made with recycled materials to help reduce waste.

Asking people to send old sandals isn't something you'll find on most Instagram accounts. But the ask is related to their mission and values, which helps you better understand that the company values sustainability without explicitly saying that. Non-profit organizations can also run a fundraiser on Instagram and promote them to their followers.

Funny Instagram Bio Ideas

If you're looking for funny Instagram bios, look no further than Snickers. Their Instagram bio includes a single sentence that reads, "If you think this is Twitter, maybe you just need a SNICKERS." It's a clever way to promote their chocolate bar while poking fun at a different social media app. They include a link in their bio that leads directly to a sweepstakes contest. It's likely that they regularly update their bio link with their latest promotional events.

Funny Instagram Bios for Smaller Accounts

The Instagram account for the tumblr poet also uses humor in their Instagram bio. Their whole bio is dedicated to the emo online poet archetype, including the profile picture, which is just the pensieve face emoji edited to be wearing a black beanie.

The bit continues with a funny quote that reads, "i followed my heart, but it did not follow back,” likely a reference to the old trend of “follow for follow back” on Instagram and tumblr. But it also pokes fun at the expression "follow your heart."

It’s not just jokes, though. They also use the space to promote their poetry book, Flowers Are Just Tiny Trees, with a clear call-to-action and a finger emoji pointing towards their link in bio where you can purchase the book.

Cool Instagram Bios

Beardbrand's Instagram bio highlights what their brand is, has a cool call-to-action to text them for a free personalized style consultation, and encourages brand engagement by asking you to tag them in your photos. Most brands don't offer consultations when it comes to their product offering which helps make their profile stand out.

The word "beard" shows up in their bio multiple times, which makes it easy to quickly understand what this Instagram profile is all about while also implementing good social media SEO tactics. Their Instagram bio links to various blog posts, social media accounts, a product quiz, and their homepage among others.

Other Instagram Bio Examples

Kylie Cosmetics uses their Instagram bio as a promotional tool for their product launches. In their bio, you'll find the date to an upcoming volume mascara and liquid eyeshadow launch coming April 6.

Promoting your product launches on Instagram helps build hype for upcoming launches so people can mark their calendars and get ready to purchase your latest product (especially when your brand has millions of loyal customers). Their bio link leads directly to their online store where you can purchase beauty products.


The best Instagram bio ideas come from browsing various Instagram accounts in your niche and looking at how people position themselves. We've shared Instagram bio examples for you to get a general idea of how people format their bios, promote themselves or their brands, and convince you to buy from them or work with them.

Use them for inspiration, but don't copy them. The best Instagram bios are authentic to who you are and what you stand for so you can continue to attract the right people to your account.

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