Instagram stories are enabled with all sorts of sharing features, polls, visual editing options, and archived highlight reels. However, there are some valuable photo-editing functions that are tough to figure out – for some, you’ll even need to use a different app to put your story together.

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Sometimes, you want to arrange several pictures on the same screen, or auto-play your story pictures as a slideshow. I’m going to go over a bunch of ways for you to add multiple images to your Instagram Stories, all using the Instagram app or for free online.

Making a collage with several pictures:

To add several picture to the same story slide, select the “Add Story” button from the Instagram Home tab, and either take a picture to start with, or select the photo library button in the lower left-hand corner to start with a picture from your camera roll. To add other front-camera pictures, click the Add Sticker button at the top of the screen and scroll down to the camera and camera roll icons. With these stickers, you can take selfies with a couple different border styles, or add other pictures from your camera roll.

Screenshots showing how to add several images to an IG Story in the Instagram app.

If you want to add your own background, format or crop your pictures, or use non-circular cameras you take with your phone, I recommend using a Kapwing IG Story collage template instead. It's a foolproof way to create a polished IG Story collage in a short amount of time. Choose of one of these three to get started:

Basic collage templates:

An example of a simple photo collage for Instagram Story.

Color collage templates:

An example of a photo collage with a colored background for Instagram Story.

Text collage templates:

An example of an Instagram Story collage with custom text added.

Making a slideshow in one slide:

Instagram’s slideshow-style Stories presentation is really user-friendly, but there are plenty of reasons you might want to make your pictures play through automatically. This can be great for adding a music track over your slideshow, or keeping some text or a sticker on all the images as they play. For Happy Birthday messages, personal news, or event invites, this is the perfect feature to use.

Screenshots showing how to create a slideshow on a single Instagram Story slide.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have the tools you need to make this type of story, so you’ll need to use a different program. To make a slideshow in Kapwing, all you need to do is go to, open the Studio, find "Scenes" in the top toolbar, and add a new scene for every photo you want to use.

Here, you can also add any audio tracks, stickers, text, or effects you want, as well as edit the timing of each slide. For a full tutorial on creating a slideshow using Kapwing, check out this slideshow tutorial article. Remember to make your slideshow using a 9:16 aspect ratio, so it’s optimized for Instagram Stories!

Once you’ve downloaded your auto-play slideshow video, go to Instagram, add a Story, and select the recently downloaded video from your camera roll.

Adding several story slides at once:

If you want to use Instagram’s own Story slideshow feature, you can also add many photos to your story at once, which viewers can tap through one by one. To do this, tap the “Add Story” button, choose the photo library option in the lower left-hand corner, and select “Select Multiple” option in the upper right-hand corner of the photo browser. Just choose up to 10 photos you want to add to your story, in the order you want them to appear, and click “Next.” This lets you make all the edits you need to each photo, and it’s much quicker than adding your Story pictures one by one.

Screenshots showing how to add several back-to-back images to your Instagram Story at once.

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