How to Duet on TikTok with a Saved Video

Creative collaborations are a few clicks away thanks to the duet feature in TikTok. In this article, I'll show you how to duet in TikTok and make duets with a saved video.

How to Duet on TikTok with a Saved Video

Thanks to the duet feature, TikTok creators are connecting from around the world. A quick search using the hashtag "duet" is all it takes to see the range of creativity from these collaborations.

Karaoke duets show off vocal chops and test how well singers know the lyrics. If you want to create a harmonious choir, start a duet chain for others to join. Aside from singing, duets can be funny reactions, acting challenges, and before and after videos. Sometimes, the perfect video for a duet is prerecorded. With the help of a video editor, this and more are possible.

In this article, I'm sharing how to duet on TikTok and how to duet with a saved video.

How to Duet on TikTok

You can easily make a duet video in TikTok with an iOS or Android device. Have the app open on your phone to jump into the tutorial.

  1. Find a video, and tap the share icon.
  2. Tap duet, then choose a layout.
  3. Long press the red circle to begin recording.
screenshot of TikTok screens showing how to film a duet

When you're finished recording, tap the red checkmark to watch a replay. You can add filters, a voiceover, stickers, and text to make your TikTok video stand out.

Tap next and you'll be taken to the final screen. Add a description and hashtags, then adjust the settings to your preference. If you've been wondering how to allow duets, this is where it happens. You can toggle on allow duet to get a video response. Tap post to share the video or tap drafts to save the duet.

three screenshots showing how to post a duet on TikTok

Here's one more tip...

You can turn on duet with existing videos on your profile. Tap the three circles in the bottom right corner then scroll to the right and tap privacy settings. Toggle on allow duets and you're all set.

The instructions above are similar for how to duet yourself on TikTok. Tap the three circles then tap duet to start recording.

screenshot showing how to change privacy settings on TikTok

How to Duet on TikTok with a Saved Video

The duet feature on TikTok is a great tool for collaborating with a video filmed in the app. If you want to use a saved video from your phone or PC, an online video editor is your best bet.

  1. Open the collage maker
  2. Upload a video and paste a TikTok link
  3. Export and download

Step One: Open the Collage Maker

In this tutorial, I'm using a free 1:1 collage maker by Kapwing on my iPhone to make my duet. Kapwing is a browser-based video editor that empowers creators to edit media for free.

You can use any iPhone, Android, PC or tablet on a Chrome or Safari browser and with a free account, you can safely store content for two days. Head over to Kapwing, click tools, then click collage maker and select the fourth option.

three screenshots of how to open the collage maker by Kapwing

Click replace and paste a link to a TikTok video. Repeat this process to upload your video on the opposite side, then click edit background to make sure the output size is still 1:1.

three screenshots next to each other showing how to upload a video from TikTok to Kapwing

Use the zoom tools to adjust your view of the timeline and drag and drop each layer to your preferred position. You can drag the ends of each video layer to trim each layer and use the split button above the timeline to separate a layer into two parts. To quickly split a video on your computer, type the "s" key. On your phone, click edit video to change the speed or rotate, zoom and crop each layer. These settings are on the right side of the studio if you're using a PC.

two screenshots with emojis pointing to tools in Kapwing Studio

Step Three: Export and Download

When you're finished editing, click export video to begin processing the MP4, then click download to save it to your device. You can remove the watermark by creating a free account with Kapwing. Now, you're all set to upload your duet to TikTok!

two screenshots showing how to export a video in Kapwing

I hope this tutorial showed you how to duet on TikTok for creative collaborations with other users. Subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube to watch tutorials on the latest TikTok trends and follow us on Twitter for updates. Feel free to reach out with ideas and tag us in projects made with Kapwing so we can see what you've made!

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