How to Make Video Brighter

How to Make Video Brighter

This week, we launched a tool on Kapwing to help users make fine adjustments to their videos including opacity, brightness, contrast, saturation, and blur. Filtering your videos with these image effects allows you to improve upon your raw footage and produce a video worth sharing on platforms across the web.

In this post I’ll show you how to increase (or decrease) the brightness of a video for free online, making your video darker or brighter, all within Kapwing’s video editing Studio. Brightening your video requires these 3 easy steps:

  1. Upload your video
  2. Adjust your video brightness
  3. Publish and share

Kapwing’s tools are designed for people with no formal video editing experience, so you should be able to jump right in.

Step 1: Upload Your Video

Upload your video, GIF, or photo to Kapwing’s Studio. You can either upload a video from your computer or you can paste a link to a video from Youtube or somewhere else on the web.

Click Resize to choose the aspect ratio of your video and click the video itself to mute, rotate, crop, and adjust your video, You’ll be using the Adjust tool to change your brightness, but there’s plenty of other tools to explore.

Step 2: Adjust your video brightness

Click Adjust to open the adjustments panel. Drag your brightness from the 0 (the middle of the road standard brightness) along the scale to 100 (maximum bright) or -100 (dead of night darkness). If you want to return to the default at any point, click reset to return to your original brightness.

Watch your bright (or dark) video previewed in the left panel. When you are happy with your preview click Done Adjusting.

Step 3: Publish and share

Once you’re happy with your video, click Publish. Once your processed video is ready, you can download it and publish it across platforms. You can also use Kapwing’s resize, trim, and loop tools to optimize your video for sharing.

All Kapwing tools are free to use, but you need to pay a fee to remove a small watermark from the output videos. It costs 6$/video or $20/month for unlimited no-watermark videos.

Happy filtering!

Post-production can’t totally negate poor camera work and bad lighting in your original footage. But adjusting and filtering can improve the situation, not to mention add an artistic edge to photos and video. Learn more about other filters you can add to your video and the effects they might have. You can preview the Kapwing filter library on our homepage. Make sure to try out Japchae and Hockaday, our most popular filters.