Creative Selfie Ideas for Instagram

Explore this collection of creative selfie ideas for Instagram to add a unique flair to your feed.

Creative Selfie Ideas for Instagram

Behind every scroll-stopping selfie are roughly 50 identical pictures that didn't make the cut. Needless to say, taking selfies is hard and arguably an art form.

Creators work up a sweat scrambling to find the last bit of sunlight, then twist and turn phones to capture flattering angles. Some even nail down a time and place with all the bells and whistles needed to snap photos with ease.

This routine, albeit convenient, can feel mundane after a while. If you found yourself quietly nodding in agreement, I've got the perfect solution. To help you improve your selfie game, I'm sharing ten ideas you can recreate for Instagram in no time.  

Mirror Selfies

Let's start with a selfie-style that has existed since the Myspace days. The mirror selfie. More specifically, bathroom mirror selfies. Users would pose in front of a bathroom mirror and snap a photo with a flip phone. The results? A slightly blurry image with an obstructing flash in the reflection. Thankfully, mirror selfies have evolved quite a bit.

Take this picture, for example. She's striking a simple pose in natural sunlight for a flash-free sun visor mirror selfie. I've seen people take pictures in the side-view and rearview mirror to mix it up. Try all three to keep your feed versatile!

source: mirror selfie

This mirror selfie takes more work than sitting in a car, but the outcome is stunning. To create this epic shot, drag a mirror outside, lay it on a garden at an angle, then snap pictures. The results are a beautiful sky selfie with pretty flowers embellishing the edges.

Source: Frankie Vinyl

Selfie Collage

Create a selfie collage for those moments when you can't choose just one photo. This can be a creative way to share a day in your life, an outfit of the day post, makeup details, and more. With an online tool, you can add a decorate border, inspirational captions, and eye-catching stickers to  stylize the selfie collage.

Shadow Selfie

Let's say you've had a long day and don't feel camera ready, but want to snap a few pictures for Instagram. A shadow selfie is a great, faceless option. You can create eye-catching silhouettes by incorporating objects and striking fun poses for the camera. Make sure the source of light is behind you, then grab a friend or use a timer and start snapping away to get a few shots.  

Source: Pinterest

If your light source isn't bright enough, you can always make a silhouette photo with an online photo editing tool. Simply remove the subject from the background (in this case, the subject is the selfie) and turn the brightness down to transform the portrait into a silhouette. You can overlay the silhouette onto the original selfie or change the background for a completely new look!

Black and White Selfie

Instagram filters makes it easy to create black and white selfies for your feed. This timeless look brings out varying shades, textures, and highlights that are hidden when the image is in color. You can use Inkwell or Moon in the Instagram app, then adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast to change the intensity to your liking.

Cartoon Selfie

Transforming an ordinary selfie to a cartoon portrait is a surefire way to add creativity to your feed. You can use apps like ToonMe to quickly alter your photo or take matters into your own hands. During the ToonMe art challenge on Twitter, digital artists use editing apps like Procreate to cartoonify half of their selfie. If search the hashtag, #toonmechallenge you'll find a range of artistic styles used to create an expressive selfie.  

Source: Twitter

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