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Clip out a part of your video online with Kapwing’s Clipper
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How to Clip a Video

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  1. Upload your Video

    Upload the video that you want to clip. You can choose a video file or paste a link from YouTube, Twitter, etc to import the video directly!

  2. Make Clips and Cuts

    Using the video preview, select the section of the video to clip. You can trim down the video by adjusting the start and end time or add jump cuts to remove part of the video.

  3. Export and Share

    Hit 'Export', and Kapwing will process your clipped video. You can save and share the new video clip as an MP4.

Free Video Clipper

A fast and simple way to clip out middle sections of your video

With Kapwing’s online video editor, clipping a video is finally as fast and easy as it should be. Just change the start and end time to get the part of the video you want to save. With Kapwing’s video clipper, you can also clip YouTube videos without needing to download the video first. Creators can import the video from YouTube directly.

Video clips are the perfect snackable highlight. You can share the shortened MP4 with friends, publish on social media, or use it in another movie project. Clipping your video can make it the right length, remove mistakes, or increase the video’s tempo.

The Kapwing video editor supports all sorts of file formats, including clipping MP4, MPG, MOV, AVI, and 3GP files. You can even upload images, JPG, PNG, to clip the edges or sides as you see fit. Even GIFs are supported! Just give the clipper a try to see what Kapwing can do for your content!

This Video Clipper is easy to understand and use. Choose the parts of the video that you want to keep and the sections you want to remove for the perfect MP4. Then, click the 'Export' button to save and share. We hope you enjoy this free webapp!

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Clip out a part of your video online with Kapwing’s Clipper
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