Top 5 TikTok Profile Picture Ideas

In this article, I'm covering five popular TikTok profile picture ideas and how to make a transparent picture for your profile.

Top 5 TikTok Profile Picture Ideas

Your profile picture is more than a photo someone randomly scrolls by. It's the first thing someone sees on your page and exemplifies your personality.

A striking profile picture on TikTok can encourage someone to click your page and even hit the follow button. So, how do you want to be seen on TikTok? First, consider your content and who you're trying to reach.

For example, successful fan page accounts use a picture of a celebrity and consistently share fan edit videos to keep the engagement going. Creators with lifestyle accounts stick to the classic selfie since they're the star of the account. The most striking (in my opinion) is the transparent profile picture. Watching a video play through a profile picture is hard to look past!

In this article, I'm sharing five cool TikTok profile picture ideas and how to make a transparent profile picture to keep eyes on your page.

Try these modern TikTok tools:

Cartoon Profile Picture

A cartoon profile picture for TikTok is a great way to channel your favorite cartoon character with a bit of an added flair. If you search for your favorite character on Google and add "profile picture" at the end, you'll notice a twist on their signature look. Below, Daphne is rocking a sparky headband where her purple headband is usually placed.

Transparent Profile Picture

A transparent profile picture is sure to cause a double-glance, and it's my personal favorite. You can watch a video through your picture, making for a unique viewing experience. All it takes is removing the background from a picture, then heading over to TikTok to upload it to your profile. Well, that's all it takes for Android users. More on that later.

Default Profile Picture

So, this one may seem strange, but TikTok's default profile picture is growing in popularity. It's not the usual light and dark grey image we're used to seeing. Users are getting creative and changing the color and overlaying images like cartoon hair and hats.

Anime Profile Picture

Anime profile pictures are popular not only on TikTok, but across all social media platforms. Fans rave over iconic characters and carry them over to their profiles. This is a great TikTok PFP is you're looking to connect with other accounts that share the same interest.

Matching Profile Pictures

Couples and best friends are taking their bond to the next level with matching profile pictures. The idea behind this idea is both profiles pictures next to each come together to complete a picture. It's a cute idea and you can get pretty creative with your picture.

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How to Make a Transparent TikTok Profile Picture

If you want a profile picture that stands out from the rest, definitely opt for one with a transparent background. Watching a video play through a picture is an unexpected twist that makes for intriguing content. The process to make a transparent profile picture will vary between Android and iPhone users. Android users can swap out their profile picture in no time, while iPhone users... let's just say a little more work is involved. It's possible, but definitely requires more time. Let's get started!

Step One: Upload a picture

I'm using Kapwing to make my transparent profile picture. Kapwing is a free browser-based video editor you can use on any device. You can't upload transparent pictures from an iPhone to TikTok, but I found an alternative way to do this on a PC. Android users can complete this tutorial on their phone.

Head over to Kapwing and drag and drop a picture into the Studio or click "upload." Click 1:1 under "output size" to resize your picture for TikTok.

Step Two: Remove the Background

Now this is where the magic happens! Click your picture then click "erase" and use the magic wand tool to select the background. You change the intensity by dragging the circle if sections of the foreground are selected. You can use the erase brush to get those hard to reach areas. Then, click delete on your keyboard and "done" to remove the background.  

Step Three: Export and Download

Click "export image" in the top right corner and download your picture to save it. You can create a free account with Kapwing to remove the watermark and you can store and edit your picture for up to two days.

For my Android users, all you have to do from here is login to TikTok and upload your picture. Now, let's discuss the next steps for iPhone users. Before continuing, email your picture to yourself. This will be useful later, trust me.

Step Four: Download BlueStacks

For this section, I downloaded BlueStacks, an Android emulator to upload my profile picture to TikTok. BlueStacks is an Android gaming platform for PC and is free to download. You can install BlueStacks on a Mac or Windows 7, 8, and 10 and you must be the administrator.

Step Five: Download TikTok

Once it's installed, click on Google Chrome, sign into your Gmail account, and download your picture. Then, head over to the Google Play Store and download TikTok. You can sign in with your Gmail to download the app.  

Step Six: Open TikTok

Open TikTok and sign in with your username and password, then click "me" in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click "edit profile," under your current picture, then "change photo" to find the transparent picture.

You'll see a box with four options to add a new profile picture. Click "select from gallery" then click the circle next to your transparent picture. Finally, Click "confirm" to save the changes. That's it! Your new see-through picture will appear on your iPhone.

That's all the TikTok inspiration I have for this post! Make sure to read the related articles below to create aesthetic pictures for other social channels. Definitely head over to our YouTube channel for trendy TikTok tutorials and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates at Kapwing.

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