The Real Difference Between Instagram Reels and Instagram Video

The Real Difference Between Instagram Reels and Instagram Video

As Instagram "embraces video more broadly," marketers and content creators alike are navigating the collection of video experiences like Instagram Reels and Instagram Video.

Instagram Reels can be discovered in the Explore page where more than 50% of users are found whereas Instagram Video has seen an 80% increase of time watching video content.

Although both Instagram video experiences seem to be performing well, there is a constant, lingering question for content creators:

What's the difference between Instagram Reels and Instagram Video?

Instagram Reels

To start, Instagram Reels was a response to TikTok's transformative impact with short-form videos. Short-form videos continue to rise tremendously, given that people who are engaged within the first 3 seconds of a video are more likely to finish it.

When people finish watching the video, they've fully been immersed in the creator's message. This ultimately leads to impactful results like new followers, an increase of brand awareness and user engagement.

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For Instagram Reels, video time lengths range from 15 to 60 seconds. You'll be able to choose between 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds for your video.

The Reels tab acts as an Explore page for reels. Being under the Reels tab, users are able to scroll through their feed to view any videos regardless of their following status to the creator. In other words, your discoverability becomes easier for people to find you.

For creators, you’ll have editing features like filters, music, sounds, etc. You can use draw and text tools as well as paste stickers from Instagram’s collection.

Try these trending Instagram tools:

For users, you’ll have the ability to scroll through videos, discovering new content every time.

Instagram Reels are short-form videos, so capture your viewers' attention quick. With that said, Reels might be better for entertaining and funny videos rather than diving deep into a topic.

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Instagram Video

After discovering that long-form video consumption on smartphones jumped almost 30%, Instagram took the opportunity to launch Instagram TV (IGTV). The idea behind IGTV was for creators to be able to release long-form videos that tend to be more produced than their regular Instagram video posts or reels.

In October 2021, however, Instagram decided to leave the solo idea of IGTV behind and instead, combine both IGTV and Instagram feed videos to create Instagram Video.

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Depending on what kind of videos you're posting on Instagram, Instagram video lengths can range from 15 seconds to 60 minutes. Under the Instagram Video tab, you can house past videos from any Instagram Live events you've had, or you can post long-form videos up to 10 minutes (verified Instagram users can post up to 60-minute videos).

You can also have video previews which is invaluable to leveraging your brand. Brands that use previews have seen their views skyrocket by up to 300%. Now, imagine what kind of results that can bring you as you monetize your content within Instagram Videos or release Instagram ad sponsored content.

With Instagram Video comes Instagram Series where you can build a series of videos into something bigger on top of one another. This plays similar to having a video playlist for different series of videos you may have.

The opportunities here are using long-form videos to dive deeper into topics that are relevant to your brand and your audience, creating a greater sense of community amongst yourself and your viewers. This long-form video format would be ideal for longer discussions, series episodes, demos, or interviews.

Who knows? Maybe you can be the next big creator for an Instagram series revolving karaoke in a car or cooking dishes from well-known films.

Using Instagram Reels vs Instagram Video

Your decision on whether to create short-form videos for Instagram Reels or long-form videos on Instagram Video depends on your own content plan and strategy.

If you want to increase your discoverability and reach wider audiences by creating short, entertaining videos, try Instagram Reels. If you want to create longer forms of video to dive deep into a topic with your existing audience or broadcast an interview live, try posting videos on Instagram and housing them under your Instagram Video tab.

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