The TikTok drafts folder is a convenient space to store and review videos before hitting the post button. For the moments when you need a second opinion or want to make additional edits, save the draft to your phone.

Quick feedback on TikTok drafts can help you uncover mistakes or spare you the embarrassment from posting story-time videos that are actually too personal. In this article, I'll show you how to save TikTok drafts to your phone without publishing them in a few simple steps.

  1. Launch TikTok and open the drafts folder
  2. Change the privacy settings
  3. Post the TikTok video privately

Step One: Launch TikTok and Open the Drafts Folder

Open TikTok on your Android or iPhone then tap "me" in the bottom right corner to display your profile. On the left side of your screen, tap "drafts" to view a list of your unpublished videos. This folder can only be seen by you even though it's visible on your profile. In the future, make sure to keep TikTok installed or your drafts will be deleted.  

Step Two: Change the Privacy Settings

Tap the video you want to save so the settings page opens. Next to the lock icon, tap "who can watch this video" and select, "private." Make sure to complete this step otherwise, your video can be seen by followers or anyone on TikTok after clicking the post icon. Toggle on "save to device" so TikTok has access to your phone.

Step Three: Post the TikTok Video

Tap "post" to publish your video then tap the lock icon on your profile page to view it. Your TikTok video should be saved to your device with any effects, filters, and music you added during the editing process.

If you need more tools to edit your TikTok drafts, try an online video editor like Kapwing. You can edit videos from your phone or desktop with any browser. If you plan on posting the video to TikTok again, make sure the background is set to 9:16.

You can have multiple video layers to get as creative as you want with your video. Drag the ends of a video to trim the length and use the split tool to replace sections of your video. This is a great option to insert unexpected audio and funny sound effects.  

If you plan on sharing your video online, captions are a must. Our free subtitle tool makes videos accessible to a wider audience and improves engagement. After the captions have generated, you can adjust the font style and color.  Finally, I recommend experimenting with our collection of filters. You can adjust the intensity of a filter by changing the brightness, saturation, and contrast to get the desired look. Try different styles to find an aesthetic you like.

Now you're all set to save and edit additional TikTok drafts in the future. Let us know if this tutorial was helpful, and feel free reach out on social media with suggestions for future post ideas. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel @Kapwingapp for the latest TikTok trends and follow us on Twitter for content updates.

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