How to Get an Image URL from a Picture on Any Device

In this article, I'm sharing how to easily get a URL from a picture on your phone or computer.

How to Get an Image URL from a Picture on Any Device

With the right tools, creating URLs for personal pictures is a straight-forward process. Once you have the URL, you can share the image in forums and articles for others to enjoy.

In this tutorial, I'm using Kapwing to make a URL for my picture. Kapwing is a free browser-based editing tool with intuitive features to upload, modify, and store your content. You can jump right into editing without downloading anything or going through an extensive sign-up process. In addition to getting a URL for your image, I'll share a few simple ways to edit your picture.

  1. Upload an image to Kapwing Studio
  2. Edit the image
  3. Export the image
  4. Create the URL

Step One: Upload an Image to Kapwing Studio

Start by opening Kapwing Studio on your preferred device with a browser. I'm using my computer since my picture is on this device, but feel free to use your iPhone, Android, or tablet. Click to upload, or drag and drop an image into the studio.

You can change the background size by clicking an output size on the right side of the studio. On mobile, click edit background to change the size. If you have a different size in mind, click custom size to add your preferred width and height.

Step Two: Edit the Image

This is optional, but I recommend trying out Kapwing's tools to edit and decorate your image. Under adjust, you can change the brightness, saturation, and contrast to improve the quality of your picture.

If you're on your phone, tap the photo, select edit image, then tap adjust. Drag each slider from left to right to change the intensity and click reset to change it back to its original setting.

The filters panel is a simple way to change the aesthetic of a photo with one click. Sepia is my go-to filter to create a warm nostalgic look.

Step Three: Export the Image

When you're finished making edits, click export image at the top of the studio. Your photo will quickly process and appear on the final output page.

Step Four: Create URL

When your export finishes, click Copy Link. The link will be copied to your clipboard.

From here, you can paste the link in forums, emails, and blogs for others to view. You can also click embed to copy the code and show the picture within a webpage. If you want to remove the watermark before sharing, sign in with your Facebook or Google account.

Now that you know how to get an image URL, you're all set to upload additional pictures in the future with no hassle. You can post your carousel of photos on TikTok or on Instagram.

Kapwing's Embed tool also supports links for videos and GIFs. Stick around the resources page to stay up to date with our latest posts.

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