Want to play two GIFs side by side or one on top of the other? Or play a GIF next to a video clip or image? GIF collages can be a great way to summarize a movie, make a fan edit or Tumblr post, or compare different moments or people.

Arranging GIFs into a custom format can be difficult if you're not familiar with professional software, but it's simple if you find the right tools. In this post, I’ll describe how you can make a GIF collage using a free, online Collage Maker called Kapwing.

Why make a GIF collage?

GIFs are everywhere. The silent, short looping clips are perfect for expressing an emotion, making people laugh, or reliving a highlight. For formats like emails and documents, lightweight GIFs are easier to share than videos because they play inline.

Because GIFs are an important and relevant medium, you might want to make a side-by-side or comparison GIF collage. Here are some examples of awesome GIF collages:

  • Reaction GIFs: Show your reaction next to a highlight of the event.
  • Side-by-side memes: Show the evolution of a scene or a realization moment.
  • Happy birthday GIF: Put an animated birthday GIF next to a photo of you and the person you’re celebrating.
  • Any split screen GIF: Compare a moments from two different perspectives
  • Fan collage: Show snippets of your favorite actor, singer, or celeb

Step 1: Choose your Collage Type

Go to Kapwing’s Collage Maker to get started. You can make a custom collage by clicking “Get Started” or you can choose from one of the collage templates. Kapwing is a website, so it works on your phone or computer and you don’t need to download any software.


Step 2: Upload your files

Once you get started, you’ll be taken to the Kapwing canvas. You can upload your GIFs, arrange them, and size them relative to each other. Kapwing’s Collage Maker supports GIFs, images, and videos. You can upload directly from your device or you can paste a link to YouTube, Giphy, Google Drive or other websites where your GIFs are stored.


Use the “Resize” option in the toolbar to crop your GIF collage for Instagram (1:1), crop for your Story (9:16) or YouTube (16:9), add padding for a custom size, or “Remove extra padding” for no crop at all.

You can also add text, captions, or shapes to the GIF collage. You can add as many layers as you want and move them around dynamically on the screen.


To download your collage as a GIF, click "Settings" and change the output type to GIF.

Step 3: Download and Share

When the collage preview looks correct, click "Publish" to combine the GIFs and create the new collage.

Once your collage is done processing, you can download the GIF collage from Kapwing and share it directly to social media platforms or with your friends. If Kapwing’s collage maker returns an MP4 (Instagram doesn’t support GIFs), you can convert it back to a GIF with the Convert Video tool. You also always have the option to “Edit” your GIF collage if you want to tweak the appearance.


Happy collaging! Kapwing is free to use, so if you want to remove our watermark from your final product, all you need to do is sign in using your Google or Facebook account!

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