10 Creative Christmas Instagram Story Ideas

Explore the top ten creative Christmas Instagram Story ideas followers won't skip.

10 Creative Christmas Instagram Story Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, Instagram users are looking for creative Story ideas that reflect the most wonderful time of the year.

To help you create fun-filled and festive content, I'm sharing ten creative Christmas Instagram Story ideas followers won't skip. Choose the ones you like and adapt them in time for the Christmas season.

Christmas This or That Instagram Story

Reveal your preferences of popular Christmas items by creating and sharing a this or that Story. You can start from scratch or save time on content creation by using a free This or That Instagram Template.

Customize the text, add GIFs, and an Instagram Story Christmas background to complete the post. Share your results, then post a blank version with friends and family tagged in the Story. Watch your DM's to anticipate replies!

Try these trending Instagram tools:

Christmas Wish List Instagram Story

Drop a hint this holiday season with a Christmas wish list Story. This less than discreet way of sharing what you want under the tree can help friends and family narrow down gift ideas.  

Christmas Bingo Instagram Story

Whether you're playing virtually or in-person, Bingo remains a fun social game. A Christmas themed Instagram bingo challenge is a fun way to play by yourself while tagging others to share your results and encourage participation.

In this example, I created a Christmas music bingo card challenge. To play, one simply covers squares that have familiar songs. You can use GIFs, shapes, or the brush tool as bingo chips.

Merry Christmas Instagram Story

Sometimes, less is more. A simple Story wishing followers a merry Christmas is a thoughtful and heart-warming way to virtually spread holiday cheer. You can make your Story resemble an eCard, create a collage with family photos, and add Christmas music in the background for viewers to enjoy.

Christmas Tree Instagram Story

Decorating a Christmas tree isn't reserved for the home anymore. Now, you can make a Christmas tree Instagram Story with all the ornaments, tinsel, and lights you desire.

For example, I created the Story post below within a few minutes. Free stock photo sites like Pixabay are a great resource for finding free tree illustrations and high-quality decoration images you can't find within Instagram.

Christmas Countdown Instagram Story

When December arrives, the countdown to Christmas morning begins! In anticipation of the holiday, many keep a close eye on calendars, marking off days as they pass.

A Christmas countdown story is a fun way to track how many days are left until Christmas while sharing a creative Story post with followers. You can make a custom countdown video or keep it simple with text and images to create the post.

Christmas Q&A Instagram Story

A Christmas Q&A Story post is an easy to way to let followers in while celebrating the holiday season. I recommend creating easy prompts for short answers that can be quickly read while swiping through Stories.

Christmas Playlist Instagram Story

The holiday season isn't complete without Christmas music. You can create a Christmas IG Story featuring your favorite tunes and tag friend with an unedited version to join in on the fun. I created a playlist Story with spaces for my top four songs, but nothing quite beats hearing the music play.

I recommend creating a playlist Instagram Story with a free online video editor and adding music to the image so viewers can listen along while viewing your Story.

Christmas GIF Challenge Instagram Story

Another challenge made the list of Christmas Instagram story ideas. This time, it's all about GIFs. In this example, I created a Story post with short prompts one would answer with a GIF in each circle. You can use GIFs in Instagram or use a free GIF maker to fully personalize your response.

Christmas Morning Routine Instagram Story

Morning routine posts have gained popularity on YouTube, and now they're popping up on other social channels. Instagram is no exception, and Stories is the perfect place to share a quick snippet into daily activities. When filled in, the Story post below gives a glance into a Christmas morning routine to kick off the holiday.

You can also add quotes, the weather, to-do lists, and goals for a deeper look into your morning routine. Add a Christmas border, background, and anything else you like to complete the Story.

If you use a Christmas Instagram Story idea from the list above, make sure to tag us on Instagram so the team can see! For more creative content, subscribe to the resources blog and the YouTube channel.

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