Release Notes

Kapwing July 2022 Release Notes

Our brand refresh, canvas blur, clean audio, and more!

Kapwing June 2022 Release Notes

Blur video backgrounds, remove image background in one click, save version history, and more!

Kapwing May 2022 Release Notes

Compress videos and GIFs, adjust timeline playback speed, better video background removal, saying goodbye to Scenes, and more!

Kapwing April 2022 Release Notes

Over 70 new transitions, longer recording, easier mobile editing, and more!

Kapwing March 2022 Release Notes

The Kapwing app, freeze frame, organize features for folders, and more!

Kapwing February 2022 Release Notes

Our new affiliate program, Smart Cut, montaging, and more

Kapwing January 2022 Release Notes

Kapwing January 2022 Release Notes

Kapwing December 2021 Release Notes

Kapwing December 2021 Release Notes.

Kapwing November 2021 Release Notes

Kapwing November 2021 Release Notes.

Kapwing October 2021 Release Notes

Kapwing October 2021 Release Notes.