Kapwing October 2022 Release Notes

Kapwing October 2022 Release Notes

Last Updated: October 10, 2022

Catch up on the newest Kapwing features and fixes to level up your editing workflow! In these Release Notes, we go over the latest changes to Kapwing, how to use new features, and any known issues. This page is updated with each Kapwing release which generally happens every two weeks. Receive notifications for new updates by subscribing on YouTube and following our Twitter!

New Features ✨

Transitions for Magic Subtitles

Keep your audience's attention by adding movement to your subtitles with transitions. Your subtitles will fade in and out seamlessly to create a smoother and more professional viewing experience. To add transitions, upload your video and generate Magic Subtitles in the Subtitles tab, then go to the Transitions tab on the right side and choose the Fade transition (more options to come!).

Workspace Notifications

No more waiting for videos to finish exporting – we'll let you know through the notifications tab now in the top right corner of your workspace! The notifications tab is where we'll tell you when videos are finished exporting, when others leave comments on your projects, and when you get invited to other workspaces. To adjust when you get email or in-app notifications, head to the settings wheel within the notifications tab.

Bug Fixes & Improvements 🛠

  • Search for files in the Media Library – we added a search bar to the Media Library in the editor so you can find specific files.
  • Safer search for users who are part of the Kapwing for Education program – results are hidden for inappropriate search terms in the Videos, Images, and Elements tabs for these users.

Pricing Changes 💳

  • Accessing unlimited stock content is now a Pro feature – Free users get a starter set of copyright-free stock images, videos, music, and sound effects in the editor, but will need to upgrade to the Pro plan to access all stock assets to use in projects.