Release Notes

Kapwing September 2023 Release Notes

Thousands of copyright-free sounds, workspace search, and more!

Kapwing August 2023 Release Notes

Enhance Image, Script to Video, Article to Video, and more!

Kapwing July 2023 Release Notes

Magic Fill and more!

Kapwing June 2023 Release Notes

Trim with Transcript, Auto Image Overlays, Pop Art subtitles, Text to Speech, and more!

Kapwing May 2023 Release Notes

Subtitle transitions, updated export flow, and more!

Kapwing April 2023 Release Notes

Kapwing AI, subtitler improvements, and more!

Kapwing March 2023 Release Notes

Keyframing, custom animations, subtitle styles, and more!

Kapwing February 2023 Release Notes

Dark mode, style individual words in subtitles, and more!

Kapwing January 2023 Release Notes

New animated subtitle styles, filter for royalty-free assets, and more!

Kapwing December 2022 Release Notes

Animated subtitles, longer export limit for premium users, and more!