Use our Caption Video tool to add captions, subtitles, or an SRT file to your video. Click Auto-generate to get automated captions.

Upload Video

1. Click Upload to upload a file or Paste a URL.

Auto-generate captions

1. Wait for your video to finish uploading.

2. Click the green Auto-generate button.

3. Select the  language of your video.

4. Click Auto-generate.

After your captions are generated, you can edit the generated captions and adjust the timestamps.

Manually add subtitles

1. Click Add Subtitle.

2. Click Write your subtitles here...

3. Type your subtitles.

4. Adjust the timestamp.

  • Click the drag the sliders under your subtitle to select when your captions will appear and disappear.
  • Click the timestamp box and use your keyboard ↑ ↓ or ← → to make fine adjustments.

Upload SRT file

1. Click Upload .SRT.

2. Select your .SRT file in your file directory.

*** Subtitled videos are free to create, and users may upload .SRT files without upgrading. Downloading the .SRT file from Kapwing requires a Kapwing Pro upgrade. ***

YouTube tutorial:

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