How to Change the Font Size on Kapwing

How to Change the Font Size on Kapwing

Trying to create a meme, to add text to an image, or trying to add a text border around a video? You can do all of these tasks easily in Kapwing's Studio editor.

To change the font size for your content on Kapwing:

  1. Start with a blank canvas or Upload a media file
  2. Select the "Text" tab and then select a text option to add to the canvas.
  3. Customize your text inside the text box.
  4. Drag the transformers located on the corners of the text box to resize the text.
  5. Use the Text edit menu to format the text
Screenshot of two text boxes containing the text "font size", with green arrows pointing at purple circles located at the corner of each text box.
Adjust the font size by dragging the text box.

4a. If you want to retain the spacing and formatting of your font while increasing the size, you can click the "lock ratio" button, which will keep the spacing and formatting of your text while you drag the text box to adjust text size.
4b. If you would like to set your font to an exact size, when your text is selected, you should see text options in the edit menu and use the dropdown to select your exact font size.

Screenshot showing text editing tools with a green rectangle around text size under the font section
Font sizes in the right sidebar.

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