Global Audio vs Scene Specific Audio

"Global Audio" refers to our "Add Audio" feature, where the audio file you add would play throughout the entire project. This type of audio works the best for montages that require separate scenes.

"Scene Specific Audio" refers to the uploaded audio track playing only through a single scene as opposed to the entire video. This allows for multiple audios to be added to a single project, separated by scenes.

How Do I Add a Song to My Entire Video on Kapwing

To add global audio to your video project, go to the "Scenes" tab.

When you get to the scenes tab, click "Edit Scenes":

Next, click the "Edit Audio" button, located on the left-hand side of the window:

Here, you will have a few options to upload audio:

1. Upload by drag and drop or click to upload
2. Upload by URL - you can paste the URL of a video and this will only extract the audio from that video file, a great feature if you get your audio from YouTube or any other third party website.
3. Record your own audio:

Just click the red button to start recording. If you do plan to record your own voiceover, make sure you have a good set up and that you're ready with what you want to say, because once you record the voiceover, there is no option to edit the recorded audio (no trim, cuts, or volume adjustment)

How to Add Audio to Different Scenes on Kapwing

You can add multiple audio files to be uploaded to a single video project on Kapwing by adding audio layers to each scene in your project.There are two ways to do this.

First, go to the "audio" tab, and upload the audio layer that you would like to include by uploading a file, a URL, or recording your own audio:

Once your audio layer has finished uploading, you will see it when you click on the "Layers" tab in the left sidebar. You can click on your audio file in the timeline or the audio layer to edit your audio: trim it, speed it up, adjust the volume, duplicate it, or delete it.

You can check out our YouTube tutorial here for more information:

Looking for more help?

Check our Release Notes for tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!