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Frogs are classified taxonomically under the amphibious order Anura. They can be identified by their moist, slippery skin:

their short forelegs:

and their densely muscular rear legs:

It is clear from the pictures above that Muppets creator Jim Henson spared no detail in making Kermit the Frog as morphologically realistic as possible. Despite this, images of Kermit often display strikingly human emotions, and pictures of Kermit frequently have a high Relatability Index*.

*Not a thing

Thus the Kermit Meme genus has several of its own species and subspecies. I have recently been kermitted to the task of classifying the greatest Kermit memes as follows:

Evil Kermit

(Kermitidae sinistra)


Evil Kermit became the hottest meme on the internet in early November 2016, mere hours before politics took over everybody’s social media timelines. The original meme was a truly wholesome joke about dog-napping:

Evil Kermit is actually not Kermit, but his doppelgänger nemesis Constantine. You might still observe one in the wild today, though this Kermit's internet presence is not as dominant as it once was. But whenever your inner demon tempts you toward any form of depravity, lechery, laziness, anger, or, of course, dog-napping, no meme will do the job like Evil Kermit.

But That’s None of my Business/Tea Kermit

(Kermitidae spilltheteasius)


Perhaps the most resilient and common of the Kermit family is the Tea Kermit. While the slang use of the word “tea” originated much earlier in drag culture, it gained ground Internet culture in 2014 with the aid of this Kermit meme, whose recognizable reaction of aloof disinterest fits perfectly with the double-meaning of the “tea” he is sipping.

This Kermit species is most likely to be spotted when eavesdropping on private conversations, “not judging” questionable behavior, or just reacting to some very hot tea – gossip, scandal, or otherwise high-temperature current affairs.

Window Kermit

(Kermitidae pensivii)


This ruminating species of Kermit is only found inside, contemplating all his mistakes and dwelling on his past. Window Kermit is not, however, under any real emotional distress (see: Sad Kermit). He is calm and collected, if a bit disillusioned.

If you’re losing hope in the future, coming to a sobering realization, or if your neighbor changed their wifi password, this is the meme to use.

Kermit on the Couch

Kermitidae reclinus


It’s hard to start a fight while sitting down, but this particular species of Kermit meme seems to be doing just that. He is the most confrontational of the Kermits, and one of the most helpful: did someone just insult your favorite TV show? Did you just hear someone start a sentence with “Actually…”? Did the forecast say 80 & sunny and there’s a *literal* hurricane outside? Call on this Kermit to express your rising fury.

He’s not getting violent, but he’s close. Keep your distance from this Kermit, or he might become this slightly angrier Kermit:

Sad Kermit

Kermitidae ooof



Perhaps the saddest meme image on the internet (crying Jordan, Hide the Pain Harold, crying cat, Wojak/Feels Guy, "this is fine" dog, etc... step aside, Kermit is sadder), Sad Kermit has been gravely hurt. A poor business decision, a death in the family, a romantic betrayal (Miss Piggy, we’re looking at you)... maybe it’s just not easy being green. Whatever the reason, Kermit is devastated. We would help, but this image is too relatable.

There are several other variants, as well. They are all terribly depressing:

Sorry, Kermit – we thrive on your pain.

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