Why do we make circular logos? The circle is a universally recognized shape. It stands for unity and wholeness. In essence, a circle symbolizes the reason we use a logo; to unite a brand and communicate the whole purpose of the company in a simple design. A round logo not only looks nice, but also conveys this unseen value.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a round logo online with a free tool called Kapwing. Using this tool, you can create a simple design with drag and drop features and customize the branding to your heart’s content. Your logo is important, so we'll cover tips on how to make a lasting design so you won't have to repeat the process. So, get your branding together and follow these steps:

  1. Open a blank canvas
  2. Customize your logo
  3. Download and save

1. Open a blank canvas

First, open the Kapwing Studio and click ‘Start with a blank canvas’. Next, change the background to be transparent by clicking the checkered circle with a red slash on the right menu. Once that’s done, click ‘Elements’ from the top and add a circle. Choose a color based on what you like or what fits with your brand, but make sure the circle fits the square canvas.

Now onto the fun part: customizing your logo. Before we start, it’s important that you keep your design simple and clean. This ensures your logo will be recognizable to viewers whether they’re online or offline. Also, this allows your logo to scale up for a big billboard ad or down for a tiny social media icon without losing quality.

If you’re making a logo from scratch, start by changing the circle’s background color to match your preference. Then, click ‘Text’ to add the name or lettering that symbolizes the brand you represent. Here, I’d recommend text that is no longer than 5 letters long to keep the logo easy to read. If you’re writing more, consider how you could shorten the name or use a recognizable symbol instead.

To add pictures or symbols, use the ‘Images’ and ‘Element’ tab - everything is drag and drop. In the example below, I added a rocket ship element and placed it below my text to give you an example of how symbols add meaning to your logo. Before, ‘RILEY’ just sounds like a name, but after adding the rocket ship, you may think about space or rocket science. Use symbols to elevate an idea or add new meaning to a set of characters.

If you already have an image for your logo, start with a transparent background. Next, click ‘Images’ and upload the picture or search for it using Kapwing. After it’s uploaded, use the ‘Rounded Corners’ tool from the right menu and drag it all the way to the right. Your image will turn into a perfectly rounded logo which you can customize or move onto the next step.

If you want more learn more about logo design, check out this article on logo tips and guidelines.

3. Download and save

Once the logo is finalized, click ‘Export Image’ in the top right, let it process and download the file. Now, you can save your logo and use it whenever you’d like. Whether that’s for a website logo, product packaging or a fancy email signature; the possibilities are endless.

I hope this brief tutorial helped you make a beautiful logo in record time. Be sure to subscribe to the Kapwing Resources page - we’re constantly writing new tutorials and features to help you make the most out of Kapwing. And, check out the related articles to keep learning:

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