A couple of years ago, Apple released the "live photo" setting on their camera. Revolutionary if you ask me. Basically, when you take a photo with this setting on, it takes a mini 3 second video that displays a cover photo from the main focus point. Only when you press and hold on the live photo can you see the entire video.

Sometimes the live photo makes for an AWESOME video. Luckily, Kapwing has some great tools to turn this into a continuous loop, so if you want to make a video GIF or your own Zoom video background, then go 'grab' your live photos and let's get editing!

Here's the steps you'll need in order to create a live photo loop:

  1. Capture the live photos with an iPhone
  2. Upload  Kapwing's loop video tool
  3. Loop
  4. Publish and post

Step 1 - Capture the live photo with an iPhone

Locate your photo library on your iPhone. When you are there, head to the 'live photos' category and pick the photo you would like to edit. Make sure to hold down the photo to confirm that this is the one you want to use!

Once you have it, press the 'share' icon in the iPhone menu (the square icon with an arrow). In the Share menu, scroll down to the option 'Save as Video'.

Saving the live photo as a video

Now you've converted your live photo to a video. After you have done this, head back to your 'recent' section in your camera roll to watch your new 3-second video.

Step 2 - Upload to Kapwing's Loop Video Tool

To loop the video, open up Kapwing on your phone browser or email yourself the new video. When you are in Kapwing, start a new project and look at the 'tools'. Scroll down to the 'loop video' tool and upload your video.

In Kapwing's Loop Video editor, choose how many times you would like to loop this video. After you choose your video loop amount, click "Create" to publish the video.

Step 3 - Edit

Now, I personally don't like when the video loop has sound, especially if you want to use it as a virtual background in zoom. However, like I always say, the world is your EDITING OYSTER! It's up to you if you want to continue creating, or if you are happy as is. If you do decide to go ahead and edit the looped video, choose the 'open in studio' option and wait a few seconds while it opens in the video maker.

If you want to spruce it up and create an awesome IG story from your loop video, you can edit it in template or just make sure it is in the right size dimension. I personally like adding colors and borders, along with overlaying background music and subtitles.

Step 4 - Loop

When you are satisfied with your finished product, it's time to publish. Give it a few seconds as it renders - it may take a little bit depending on the size of your video. Once it has finished, download it or post it right away to your desired social media.

Thanks for reading this post about how to loop live photos to make repeating MP4s! Hopefully this article helps, and you can start making and sharing your live loops.

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