I'm just old enough to remember mix CD's – you or a friend (maybe a significant other, sometimes) would put together a bunch of songs that you thought belonged together and put a list of the titles on a note in the jewelcase. And, if you were really into it, you would create your very own cover art for the personal mix.

Spotify playlists are a whole lot easier to put together, but the principle is exactly the same. Even the cover art is part of a custom Spotify playlist, since Spotify allows you to upload your very own cover images. There's nothing wrong with using a simple photo you have on hand, but it's even better to go the extra mile and design your own Spotify playlist cover picture. Here's how you can do it online:

  1. Go to the Kapwing Studio
  2. Create and Arrange Your Design
  3. Download and Add to Spotify

Step 1: Go to the Kapwing Studio

You might start your playlist cover design with photos, text, geometric designs – anything, really. To start out with any of these options, I recommend beginning in the Kapwing Studio. Head over to Kapwing.com in your browser on your phone or computer and select the Start Editing button. This will take you right to the Studio, where you can start putting your cover art together.

Step 2: Create and Arrange Your Design

Most likely, you'll want to start your playlist cover art with a photo – either one you have saved on your device, or one you found on the web. Either way, click the Upload button to import photos to the Studio. Here, you can click to upload photos from your device, paste a link to a picture on the web, or if you're using a phone, take a new picture. You can also select the Images button in the Studio to search Google for the picture you want to start off with, right there in the Studio.

Once you've added a picture to start with, I recommend adding some custom text or geometric designs to spice it up a bit. Using the Text editor in the Studio, you can create text boxes with custom font, color, size, outline, position, background, and shadow. And using the shapes in the Effects tab, you can put together designs with perfect colorways, transparency, and auto-alignment. Here's an example I made of a 70's-themed playlist cover for a vintage throwback Spotify playlist:

If you're not using a photo to get started, there are plenty of other ways to put your design together. Using nothing more than text and a nice-looking background color, you can create beautiful and distinctive cover art for your Spotify playlist, and with some added shapes, you can make a masterpiece:

Remember: Your cover art will always appear as a square in Spotify, so you should format it to be a perfect square. On the right toolbar in the Studio, select 1:1 for your cover's output size to make it a square in one click.

Step 3: Download and Add to Spotify

When your cover art is complete and it looks just the way you want, select the red Export button and your picture will be ready to download in just a second or two. Hit the Download button and your Spotify cover will be saved directly to your device.

It takes no time to add your photo to Spotify as a playlist cover. Open the Spotify web player on your computer4, locate your playlist, and click on its current cover – it should consist of no more than four album covers that are included in the playlist. This will immediately open your computer's file browser, where you can find and select your new cover image. Once you've added it, you're all set! It will appear whenever you open your Spotify playlist, whether it's personal or public.

I hope this article helps you complete the perfect aesthetic for your Spotify playlists! If you like it, then you'll definitely enjoy our YouTube channel Kapwing App. In the meantime, check out these related articles on custom image design:

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