How to Edit Videos in iOS 13 (with any tool you need!)

When iOS 13 was released, a ton of new video editing options were added, but a lot of highly useful and common features are still left out. In this article, I'll go over the new ways you can make great video content in iOS 13, as well as some ways to make all the other edits your videos need.

How to Edit Videos in iOS 13 (with any tool you need!)

With each big iOS update from Apple, there are new and better features for you to use on your iPhone or iPad. When iOS 13 was released, a ton of new video editing options were added to your device's built-in software, but a lot of highly useful and common features are still left out.

In this article, I'll go over all the new ways you can use your built-in software to make great video content in iOS 13. I'll also point out all the editing features that still aren't available in iOS 13, and show you the easiest ways to make all the edits you need on your iPhone or iPad. Let's take a look.

Video Editing in the Photos App

The biggest updates Apple made to video editing capabilities in iOS 13 occurred in the Photos app. Before the release of iOS 13, you could only make the most basic edit to your video content: trimming it to a shorter length. With iOS 13, you can do much, much more: crops, adjustments, zooms, filters, rotation – even vertical and horizontal tilting.

The release of iOS 13 came with vastly improved video editing capabilities. 

All you have to do it open your photos app and select a video. Choose "Edit" from the top toolbar, and you'll find all your editing tools laid out under your video. For most of the tools, you can slide the bar beneath the video to change its rotation, visual properties, trim, and filter. You can also grab & move the corners of the video frame to crop your video, and pinch & expand anywhere on the video to zoom in and out. You also have some control over your videos' audio tracks: you can mute your video's original track and add music to your video, as long as you have the audio file saved on your device.

The built-in iMovie app gives you some extra professional-looking editing features. 

You can access some other features in iMovie by clicking "Edit" on a video, selecting the options button in the upper right-hand corner (it looks like 3 dots next to each other), and choosing iMovie. Using iMovie only gives you a couple more options, though. The most significant of these features allows you to add animated text to give your videos a more professional feel. You can choose the style you want, select the text box, and enter whatever text you want. However, there isn't much more you can do. The animations have a great look, but you can't change their font, color, size, timing, or position.

What iOS 13 Still Doesn't Support

As you can tell, iOS 13 came with a tremendous amount of video editing improvements and new features. However, a lot of really useful features were left out of the big update. If you want to add padding around your video to change its aspect ratio without cropping, you'll need to edit elsewhere. The same goes for speed changes, mirroring, cuts, combining videos, making collages, adding images, and changing text position, color, font, & size.

How to Make Any Edit You Need

If you need to use an editing feature that iOS 13 doesn't support, you have a couple options. You could send your video to a desktop or laptop computer and use a full video editing app like iMovie or Adobe Premiere, but these can cost money, take a lot of time and expertise to figure out, use up a ton of disk space, and they often don't support vertical videos as well as more mobile-friendly software.

You can also use a free browser-based web app called Kapwing that gives you free cloud storage for your projects, supports all video formats, and works on any device. With Kapwing, you can use all the same tools in the Photos app (except for tilting), as well as almost any other edit your video needs:

Add padding around your video
• Add fully custom subtitles
• Customize your background
• Add images and logos
• Change video speed
Mirror your video
Cut out sections
• Combine videos
• Make a video collage
• Export as a GIF
• Add fully custom text & animations

Web-based editors like Kapwing let you make edits that aren't available in iOS 13, without downloading extra apps.

You can access all of these features in just one place by going to the Kapwing Studio. In the Studio, you can download videos from your device, or import them from anywhere on the internet – all you need is a link. Once your video is in the Studio, you can select the video layer to change anything about the video itself, and deselect the video to make edits to your background or change the aspect ratio of your canvas. Once you're done, just hit the "Publish" button, and your video will be processed in just a few seconds. Then, select "Download," and your video will be saved directly to your camera roll.

Be sure to subscribe to the Kapwing Resources page – we’re constantly writing new tutorial and features to help you make the most out of Kapwing.

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