How to Edit an MP4

How to Edit an MP4

To edit a single, short MP4 file, you don’t need to install, buy, and learn to use a powerful film editing program like Adobe Premiere. Instead, you can upload your MP4 file to free websites and make edits to the video clip in your web browser. In this article, I’ll introduce you to Kapwing, an online editor for casual creators looking to edit an MP4, GIF, or PNG quickly.

With Kapwing, you upload your MP4, make edits in the browser, and download the output video. There’s no registration required, and it works on phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and computers (Windows and Mac). Kapwing is an excellent resource for making and sharing GIF, PNG, and MP4 files, especially for casual creators and beginners.

In this article, I'll walk through different categories of video editing and describe how to do these edits using Kapwing's suite of tools. You can also check out Kapwing's full tools list to get an idea for the breathe of function it supports.

Visual Edits

After filming a video clip on your phone or downloading footage from YouTube, you may want to make small edits to your MP4 before sharing it with friends or publishing it on social media. The below example shows someone editing a soccer highlight for their Instagram Story.

Using the drag-and-drop UI in Kapwing’s Studio, you can do a lot to change the appearance of the clip. Here’s an example of some of some ways you can quickly edit your MP4:

Changes to a Timeline

If the visual layout looks good but you want to make changes to the timing and tempo of your MP4, creators can use Kapwing to adjust the MP4’s Timeline. Here’s some of the amazing tools in Kapwing’s kit.

Kapwing Timeline in Studio
  • Trim MP4: Shorten the length of a video by changing the start and end time
  • Reverse an MP4: Make your video play backwards, with or without sound
  • Loop an MP4: Play your video clip multiple times in a row to make it longer.
Loop a Video Screenshot
  • Change the Speed of an MP4: Make your video move faster or slower by increasing or decreasing the speed.
  • Make layers appear and disappear: Using the “Timeline” button on Kapwing, you can adjust the visibility time of layers on the canvas, including text boxes and pictures
  • Merge MP4s together: Bring multiple scenes into one video by adding scenes to the Studio.

Adjust Sound and Audio

Unlike GIFs, MP4 files can support audio tracks and sound. If you want to make adjustments to the sound on your video or add a new soundtrack, Kapwing can help you create a new MP4 file.

Adding Audio to a Video

Here are a few ways you can edit sound and audio with Kapwing:


Kapwing is a fast and simple tool for making changes to MP4 files. Unlike other video editing programs, it has one-off tools optimized for certain tasks like adding subtitles. Because it’s accessible and designed for beginners, it’s a great video editor for classrooms and for Instagram videos.

The website is free to use, but there will be a small Kapwing watermark on the output video. You can pay a small fee to remove it or subscribe to the Kapwing Pro plan for unlimited access to all of the tools.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your MP4 edits!