With over 1.8 million apps now in the Apple App Store and over 2.5 million in the Google Play Store, designing an app that looks good is more important than ever. Your app icon is going to be your first impression, you want it to be something simple but noticeable. If you're just getting started, you'll want a lightweight editor that doesn't overwhelm you with high prices or tons of specific tools, so in this tutorial I'll show you an easy way to get started designing an app icon online. I'm going through this process myself for an app I created, so I'll use that as the example.


  1. Collect brand colors & fonts (or logo)
  2. Pencil + paper ideation
  3. Create everything in Kapwing

1. Collect brand colors & fonts

This part is easy, it's really just preparation. If you already have your branding done, you should know what your logo font is. If your logo is a custom-made font, you should probably use your logo in the app icon. Two parts to this preparation, first take note of 1-3 color's hex codes, and second upload your font to the Kapwing studio. To do that we'll start with a blank canvas, click text, find the 'fonts' panel on the right, click more fonts, and finally upload your font file.

2. Pencil + paper ideation

I started out by drawing a couple squares and just drawing what I thought might look good. I recommend you do ~10 versions of the icon, it doesn't have to be perfect but just a rough sketch of what the icon will include. Don't feel stressed to make anything perfect and don't include color yet. Here's the final sketch I decided to move forward with (and yes, it's literally a back-of-the-napkin sketch):

3. Create everything in Kapwing

Using your paper sketch and your custom colors & fonts, we'll start to create the art inside Kapwing. First making sure you're starting with a square (1:1) canvas, then you can add text, add duplicates, import images like your logo, change the background color, and make tons of other edits. Here's how I took my sketch and created it in Kapwing in full color:

Kapwing makes all sorts of content editing super simple, and tools are all free! Check some other tutorials out:

Thanks for reading!

Devan Sood