How to Upload Custom Fonts to Use on Kapwing

How to Upload Custom Fonts to Use on Kapwing

Adding your own custom fonts to all of your content is super easy to do on Kapwing! Having your own custom font is helpful in keeping your content consistent and uniformed, which helps your social media accounts stay on brand. This is a Kapwing Pro feature, so it can only be done in projects created from an upgraded workspace.

To upload your own custom font in Kapwing:

To start, you must already have your .ttf or .otf font file created yourself or downloaded from a different website.

1.  In Studio,  after you've uploaded your content or started with a blank canvas, click the "text" tab to create a text box

2. Once you have your text box, navigate to the fonts section in the right side bar, click the down arrow to expand the font options, select “More Fonts”, and then click “Upload Font”.

3. Upload your .ttf or .otf font file, and you're done! Once uploaded, these fonts are saved in your library for quick access in the future.

Looking for more help?

Check our Release Notes for tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!