A video is made up of a series of images playing in sequence. If you take screenshots at certain times, you can convert the videos to images. In this article, I’ll describe how you can convert a video to images using a free online tool called Kapwing.

In this example, I’m going to convert a YouTube video – the Bill Nye stunt on Climate Change from John Oliver – to images. Then, I plan to download the images and put them into a comic-style Bill Nye meme. Here’s what the output looks like:

Bill Nye the Science Guy meme

This MP4 to JPGs tutorial has four steps:

  1. Open Convert Video tool
  2. Upload Video
  3. Save Screenshot
  4. [Optional] Arrange images into a comic or collage

Step 1: Open Convert Video Tool

To snap the images out of a video, you need to use a video converter tool. I recommend a free website called Kapwing because it's fast and easy to learn. Open Kapwing’s Convert Video tool by navigating to Kapwing.com/convert-video in your browser. This website takes a video file and converts it to a .GIF, .MP4, .MP3, or .JPG file format.

Convert Video to Images Homepage
Screenshot of Convert Video Homepage on Kapwing

You can also find the Convert tool in the list of Kapwing's video editing products.

Step 2: Upload Video

Get started by uploading the video that you want to convert to images. Kapwing helps people convert a saved video or a video from YouTube. To upload a video clip, click the “Upload” button to choose a video file or drag and drop the file onto the button.

You can also import a video from YouTube to convert a YouTube video to images by pasting the URL in the text box. For my example, I imported the URL of my YouTube video into the box by pasting the YouTube link.

Video Converter

Kapwing supports most file formats, including .MP4, .MOV, .MPEG, and others. Creators don’t need to sign in or pay anything to use the tool.

Step 3: Choose Image Screenshot and Save

Once your video loads in the editor, you’ll see all the convert options in the left column. To convert to an image, choose the “.JPEG” option to save it as an image on your phone, tablet, or computer.

After you select .JPEG, a slider appears underneath the video to let you select the frame that you want to screenshot. Move the slider to choose the image. The preview will update to show what image frame you've selected.

Once you select the frame you want, click “CREATE” to process the video as an image. Kapwing will load the converted image so that you can download it as a JPG file or share it.

In my case, I wanted three screenshots, so I downloaded the first image then clicked “Back” in my browser to choose a different image. I repeated this steps three times to save three different images from my video.

One of the images I saved from the Bill Nye video clip

[Optional] Step 4: Put images into a sequence or collage

Sometimes, you convert a video to images to tell a frame-by-frame story about what’s happening in the video. In my case, I wanted to put the three images into a vertical column to make a meme.

To make a collage, meme, or comic out of the images, open Kapwing’s Studio. You can start with an existing collage template, like this six-sequence collage, or you can click "Get Started" to make a custom comic.

Resize the canvas to fit all of the images (click the “Resize” button in the main panel and expand the canvas right or down to make more space). Then, upload all of the images that you converted and arrange them on the canvas. You can also use the other tools (like “Shapes,” “Text,” and “Background”) to add more visual elements to the multimedia sequence.

Adding images to collage maker in Kapwing Studio
Adding images to collage maker in Kapwing Studio

Once the preview looks correct, click “Publish” to combine the images together into a single .JPG. You can save the full image, share it with your friends, and publish on social media.

That’s all! I hope this article helps you convert your videos into images quickly and with ease.

Convert Video to Images

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