Christmas Crafts to Make Online

Thanks to online tools, there are Christmas crafts to make online for a little holiday cheer. In this article, I'm sharing a roundup of Christmas craft ideas to make at your computer!

Christmas Crafts to Make Online

Christmas festivities will look different this year as many of us are staying home. While this may not be what anyone imagined, holiday fun is still possible. Thanks to online tools, there are Christmas crafts to make online for a little holiday cheer.

Try sprucing up the home before getting crafty to create an inspiring and festive atmosphere. Adorn the fireplace with stockings and deck the halls with a Christmas garland. Get creative with the Christmas tree and use pompoms for ornaments, or try a cactus tree! Once you've decorated the home, put on some music featuring classic Christmas songs, and you're all set to begin creating!

If you need a few craft ideas, I've got you covered. Grab some hot cocoa and check out the recommendations below of Christmas crafts to make online.

Virtually Build a Snowman

A snowman template is the next best thing to building a snowman if you're not having a white Christmas. Click the Blue Make It Button below to open the free snowman template. You can dress it up digitally using Kapwing or print it off and decorate it with art supplies.


Below is an example of how you can decorate the snowman in Kapwing. I clicked Images, then Image search to find clip art, then arranged my assets on the snowman. I clicked Elements and chose the circle to make his eyes. I added a sparkly background then clicked, Send Backward, so it's behind the snowman.

Make a DIY Online Advent Calendar

Traditionally, Advent calendars are used by Christians to countdown to December 25 to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Each date has a door that reveals a piece of the nativity story. Now, there are advent calendars featuring different themes and exciting surprises like chocolate, handwritten poems, and gift certificates. An online Advent Calendar by Kapwing is a fun way to enjoy this activity with loved ones from afar.

This template works well with Instagram Stories. Each day, post the calendar with another door revealed to your stories. Some ideas for content are photos, fun facts, and GIFs. Click the Blue Make It Button below to start building an advent calendar.


Design a Christmas Card

Handmade cards have a sentimental touch you just can't buy. I've saved so many cards through the years with thoughtful messages and original designs that are too good to throw away. Ecards cards are more versatile because you can add music, a voice message, and stylized text. Thanks to online tools like Kapwing, you can easily create a custom card online to send to loved ones. To begin making this online Christmas craft, click the blue Make It button below.


Make a Custom Christmas Ornament

For many families, ornaments are more than just another accessory to put on the Christmas tree. Ornaments are often apart of family traditions. Some families purchase a new ornament every year to symbolize the past twelve months. Families reminisce on the lessons and memories created as the collection grows and fills the tree.

The ornament template below can be a creative way to reflect on the year. The best part is, the entire family can make one! Decorate the ornament in Kapwing or print it out to get crafty. Click the blue Make It button below to make your own ornament. Below is an example I made online using the template that reflects the unprecedented year we've had.


Make a Winter Wonderland in a Snow Globe

Snow globes contain all the magic and joy of the holiday season. A quick shake is all it takes to see this enchanting sphere come to life! You can recreate this magic with the help of a snow globe template. Click the Make It button below to open the template.  


Below is an example of what you can make in Kapwing Studio! I added a snow GIF, reindeers, trees, and a snowman to complete my winter wonderland.

I hope this article inspired you to get creative with these Christmas craft ideas. For more content, subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp. We love seeing what you create, so please tag us on social media to share your works of art!  

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