Voiceover narration is one way to help the audience engage with your video material. It allows you to describe, comment, joke, and annotate the action with a voiceover. You can also do this with text (and it helps make your video more accessible!), but in this article I’ll show you how to add a voiceover to your video using a simple online workflow with 3 steps:

  1. Upload your video
  2. Record and add your voiceover
  3. Publish and share

Step 1: Upload your video

Upload your video to Kapwing’s Add Audio to Video tool. It will load your video so that you can watch it through and figure out exactly what you want to say. You can practice what you want to say within the tool.


Bonus Step: Create your video

If you haven’t yet created your final video, upload your files to Kapwing’s Studio. Edit videos and images by selecting them. Click Trim to clip off the end or beginning of your video. Click Resize to change the dimensions of your image or video and drag the corners to position or crop it. You can also add text or graphics to your video and time them out using Timeline.


If you have yet to create your video, check out our resources on different videos you could create including:

Once your video is loaded (or created) you can move on to the next step to record and add your voiceover.

Step 2: Record and add your voiceover

Have a script ready so you know what you want to say ahead of time. Find a quiet room (or better yet, the inside of a car which is super soundproof!)

Click Record to open the record feature. Speak loudly and clearly into your device’s microphone. Read your script and check the timing to make sure you’re on track with your video. You can always re-record if you want/need to.

Click Use as Audio Track and Kapwing will merge your voiceover with the video’s sound to preserve its existing audio.

You can adjust the volume of both by clicking Adjust Volume. You can also mute the video’s existing soundtrack to replace it entirely with the voiceover.

Step 3: Publish and share your video

Once your video has been created, download it to share with your friends or publish it to Facebook, Instagram, or another social media site. Merging a voice-over into your video can make a screencast, a demo, or a technical video more fun, human, and engaging!

If you want, share your video with us on social media @kapwingapp!