If you want to sell something, promote a project, share your vacation, send an e-vite, or create any other type of engaging multimedia video content, you need to use an editing software that supports different types of media! To combine various kinds of media into one video and customize your content to be just right, you might think that you need to download a large editing app, or spend a lot of money on a high-powered software.

But it’s possible to do all the multimedia video production you need for free and online! In this article, I’m going to walk through the steps you need to take to create a video with photos, music, and custom text using a free online tool called Kapwing. This way, you can create and edit all your content in one place, and you can work on your computer, phone, or tablet! You’ll need to know just four steps:

  1. Find Your Videos, Photos, & Music
  2. Upload Your Video(s) to Kapwing
  3. Add Your Photos, Music, & Text
  4. Publish & Download!

Step 1: Find Your Videos, Photos, & Music

Before you begin, you’re going to need to know how to find the videos, photos, and/or music that you’ll be using to create your video. If you’re using videos, photos, or music from somewhere online, like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, or Google Images, simply go to the page with the video, photo, or music that you want! You’ll need to copy the URL of all your online files, so it’s easiest to keep the pages open in separate tabs.

Make a folder so your files are easy to find.

If you’re using videos, photos, or songs that you have recorded yourself, or that you have saved on your device, just make sure you can find it in your file browser! It’s also a good idea to create a folder in your file browser where you can arrange your media, especially if you plan to use a lot of files. This will make your upload process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Step 2: Upload Your Video(s) to Kapwing

Uploading your videos to Kapwing is just as easy! First, go to Kapwing.com and click “Get Started.” This will take you to the Kapwing Studio, where you can use all of Kapwing’s photo and video editing tools in one convenient place.

To upload a video from your computer, phone, or tablet, you can select the button that says “Click to upload” and find the file you want to edit in your file browser. You can also find the video in your file browser and simply drag & drop it into the Studio window!

And if you want to upload a video you found online, click on the field that says “Paste an image or video URL.” Now, go to the video you want to upload, right-click on its URL, and select “Copy.” Back in the Kapwing Studio, right click (or just tap one more time if you're editing on your phone or tablet) on the URL field and select “Paste.” Kapwing will work its magic and upload your video to the Studio.

To add additional videos to your multimedia video project, click “Add Scene” on the left side of the window. Click on the scene you added, and choose “Upload” from the bottom toolbar. Now, you can look through your file browser, drag & drop, or paste a video link like you did for your first video!

Step 3: Add Your Photos, Music, & Text

Now comes the fun part! Let’s start with photos. If you want a photo to be overlaid on your video, choose a scene with a video already uploaded. Now, either choose “Upload” from the bottom toolbar or drag & drop your photo into the Studio. You can resize, rotate, reposition, and edit your photo to make it look exactly the way you want! The photo will automatically remain in position for the entirety of the scene you selected. If you want it to appear for only part of the scene, deselect all layers and choose “Timeline” from the bottom toolbar. Here, you can adjust the length and position of every layer in your scene. And if you want a picture to remain for multiple scenes, just copy and paste it from one scene to another!

Find all your tools are in one place!

Let’s move on to music! Deselect all layers and choose “Audio” from the bottom toolbar. In the Add Audio window, you can upload your music the same way you uploaded your videos – look through your file browser, drag & drop, or paste a link (like a link to a YouTube music or lyric video!). Once your music has been added, you can trim the track itself, adjust its start time, or modify its volume. Back in the Timeline, you can continue to edit the timing of your Audio.

Text is easy to add and edit, as well! Click on the scene that needs text, deselect all layers, and choose “Text” from the bottom toolbar. Click “Edit” from the bottom or side toolbar to enter your text and change its font, color, style, and arrangement! Once you’ve created your text box, you can rotate, resize, and reposition it by clicking and dragging the corners. And if you want your text to stand out even more, choose “Animations” from the bottom toolbar!

Step 4: Publish & Download!

Once you’ve edited your video to perfection, it’s ready for processing! Just click “Publish” in the upper right-hand corner of the Studio window. Kapwing will automatically work its magic and your video will be ready to download in no time.

When your video is finished processing, click “Download” from the right side of the screen. If you’re using a mobile device, you’ll need to download the very small Kapwing mobile app from the App Store. The app doesn’t require any login – it’s only meant to help you download your videos! To download your video on your iPhone, just copy the URL of the download page and paste it into the URL field in the Kapwing app. Now your video is ready for you to share anywhere!

Remember to tag us @KapwingApp whenever you share your content on social media– we love to see what our creators are passionate about! And be sure to check out the Kapwing Resources page – we’re constantly writing new tutorial and features to help you make the most out of Kapwing.

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