Add Border to Photo

Regardless of the occasion, borders are a perfect way to jazz up any picture. They can help highlight any photo and take less than a minute to add! Let me show you how to take advantage of Kapwing's free collection of borders in only a few clicks:

Add Border to Photo

Whether you’re looking to post to Instagram or simply send your relatives some photos of the family, the perfect way to jazz up any picture is by adding a decorative border. Borders can serve to enhance any photo in the manner you wish. The best part, too? It takes less than a minute to add one.

On Kapwing, you can pick from a wide array of borders to spice up any photo you may have. I’ll show you how to do so in only a few clicks!

  1. Open a Template
  2. Upload Your Photo
  3. Download

Step One: Open a Template

Head on over to or the Kapwing app and locate “Collections.” Once there, you’re going to select the collection “Instagram Border Templates.” Inside, you’ll find an expansive selection of various border options that are sure to satisfy any occasion (textures, nature, holiday, and m0re). Click on whichever speaks to you and it will direct you to Kapwing Studio!

Step Two: Upload Your Photo

Once you’ve chosen your border, go ahead and tap “Make It!” Now, click on the center “Replace” picture. By doing so, the option to Replace Placeholder should pop up on the right toolbar in which you can go ahead and upload your media to the center frame. To adjust the picture, simply drag the corners of the photo. The right toolbar will offer further methods to edit your photo and/or border to best satisfy your vision!

Step Three: Download

When you’re happy with the end product, you are going to select “Publish” in the top, right corner. Just tap to download once Kapwing spits out the completed image!

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