Freeze frame is a technique that stops the moving image of the film and holds it motionless on screen. It’s often used for dramatic effect to highlight a compelling still image. Or you can make memes:

One type of popular freeze frame example is the "To Be Continued" meme format. Another is the "Oh No" meme on TikTok. In both of these examples, the video freezes right when something bad is about to happen, leaving the viewer hanging in suspense, while the music continues on.

This technique involves taking a screenshot from the video and inserting it into the video clip so that the video appears to "freeze" on that image frame. It’s possible to use a number of programs to freeze frame including After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut, Sony Vegas, and more. In this article I’ll show you how to create a freeze frame effect for free with no download required using Kapwing’s online video editor in 3 easy steps:

  1. Create the freeze frame image
  2. Add freeze frame to your video
  3. Publish and share

Step 1: Create Freeze Frame Image

The first step is to choose the frame that you want to "freeze" on. You'll need to grab this screenshot from the video itself. To get the image, upload your video to Kapwing’s convert video tool.

Convert Video Home

Once your video has uploaded, choose that image frame. Select jpeg as the output format. Then, use the slider underneath the video preview to choose the frame you want to freeze your video on.

Freeze frame editor

You can scrub through to see exactly what frame you want. When you are happy with your frame click Create.

Download the image to your device or copy the link to paste it later.

Step 2: Add your freeze frame to your video

Start a new project in Kapwing's main Studio. Upload your video to Kapwing’s Studio to get started or import the video from YouTube.

Trim your video by selecting it and clicking trim on the right. Trim your video up to the point of your freeze frame.

Next, add a scene to your video by clicking add scene in the upper left corner. Click upload and upload your freeze frame. You can upload it directly from your device or paste the link.

Then, click Timeline in the bottom panel to select the length of your freeze frame. I chose 3 seconds, which means the image of my final frame will stay on screen for 3 seconds.

Bonus: Add text to your freeze frame. Click Text in the bottom panel and write in your text. Choose your font and color and outline style! And if you want to animate it you can fade in the text and more by clicking Animate in the bottom panel. Add fun text to your freeze frame!

Step 3: Export and share

When you’re happy with your video freeze frame, click Export.

You can then download to your device and share or send others the link to Kapwing. Here’s my final video:

Thanks for reading! I hope this article helps you add freeze frames to your videos and make better videos because of it! Freeze frames are a great way to highlight what’s most important in a scene or for comedic effect. Kapwing’s fast, accessible tools are an excellent way to get started with picture videos.

Tag us on social media @kapwingapp with your creations! And reach out to us if you have any questions.