How to Add Subtitles to Video Permanently Online

How to Add Subtitles to Video Permanently Online

We all know that it's hard to add subtitles to your video. But in this post, I'll show you how to easily add subtitles to any video without downloading any software or using any complicated tools.

Kapwing's Subtitle Maker lets you automatically generate subtitles on your video or manually type the caption text yourself. It's free and works both any type of phone or computer. You can then embed the text directly into the MP4 video file. Below I explain how to use it.

But first, it's important to understand why captions and subtitles are a must have for your social media marketing presence today.

Why add subtitles to videos?

You know that video watch time on social media is growing. But did you know that 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound? The numbers of videos watched on Facebook and Instagram has been doubling every year since 2015. But most of the time, these videos are seen on the go or in a snackable way, which means that most people are watching - but not listening.

The folks at Instapage ran a study about the engagement of subtitled videos vs. non-subtitled, and found some astonishing results. Here a quick summary of the key findings:

  • CTA clicks were 26% higher on subtitled videos vs. non-subtitled
  • Average shares are 15% higher
  • Average reach is 16% higher

Clearly, adding captions to your videos is really important for maximizing engagement and interest in the content that you've worked hard to put together. If you look at the content from top media publishers, it's clear that creators see the importance of making videos muted-friendly. I hope I've made a good case for adding the subtitles!

How do I add subtitles?

You can add subtitles directly to your video in just a few steps with the Kapwing Video Subtitle Maker. You won't have to download any software, and it's free to use!

1. Upload the video

Upload the video to the Kapwing subtitle tool. You can upload any video file. If you want to subtitle a video that's found on the web, you can instead paste a link to a that video from Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Add Subtitles Homepage

2. Add or Generate Subtitles

Add subtitles, one at a time, while you watch your videos. Or, instead of manually transcribing the video, you can click the green "auto-generate" button to get machine-generated captions. Finally, you can import subtitles from an SRT file to embed them directly to the video.

You can edit the text and timings for each subtitle using our easy online UI.

You can adjust the font, text color, and video size using the left hand panel. If you'd like to adjust the timings in a more detailed way, you can click on each timestamp to edit it individually.

You can also move the subtitles up or down on the video so that they appear near the top, middle, or bottom of the video.

3. Create your video

Click the Create Video button to create the final video! Kapwing will burn the text layers directly into the video so that they appear permanently wherever that video is shared. You can directly download your video for easy sharing to social networks like Facebook or Instagram. Kapwing works on phones and computers and is free to use.

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