The Top Ten Free Online Music Visualizers

In this article, we're sharing the top ten free online music visualizers you can try to make eye-catching content for your audio.

The Top Ten Free Online Music Visualizers

Consistent social media promotion is essential for artists and podcasters striving to build a loyal audience. A shocking 15-second clip from an interview, for example, drives curious listeners off Instagram to Spotify hear the full episode.

For music artists, audio posts alone aren't enough to produce significant engagement, and typically not supported on social media. Music visualizers are the perfect solution to this dilemma. With the right online tool, you can make video content displaying animated waveforms for your sound. In this article, we're covering the top ten free music visualizers, then you decide which tool is best for your online content creation needs.


We're kicking off this list with Specterr. Specterr, a free online editor, makes lyric video creation easy. There are 25+ music visualizer presets to edit with an artist name, song title, and background image of your choice. You can browse Unsplash images within the editor to find the right background for your video.

You can stylize the visualizer too. With a few clicks, you can change the wave and outline color, then adjust the outline width. Add multiple wave layers if you like, then rearrange the order. Additionally, you can change the shape and motion, then add effects such as glow, blur, and shadow to make a striking waveform. Lyrics have to be manually timed and typed out. Free users can export videos up to five minutes long, create two videos per day, and will see a small watermark in the corner of videos.


Kapwing, an online video editor, provides a free waveform generator that transforms sounds into audiograms with a few clicks. With Kapwing, you can upload audio from any device or paste an audio link, a unique feature missing from most editors. Kapwing can automatically extract audio from videos found at various online destinations. There are currently two waveform styles available for you to customize, and each waveform shows the sound pressure variation in real-time as the audio plays.

Easily change the waveform color by selecting a color from the palette, typing in a hex code, or find the perfect shade with the color selector tool. You can also change the sound wave position and scale the size to fit your background. Then, your custom music visualizer is complete. Signing in is not required to create and save a project, but is recommended if you want to edit content in the future.


Renderforest, an all-in-one branding platform, offers online video, logo, and website templates to make high-quality content in minimal time. Their vast collection of stunning music visualizer templates is an artist's dream.

Each template features rhythmic visuals, animated typography, and beautiful backgrounds you can customize with your audio, text, and visuals. With the free plan, you have unlimited exports, can export videos up to three minutes long, and access over 200,000 stock videos. Watermarks appear on everything with this plan.


Offeo is an online video ad maker where marketers are given autonomy to create. Over 300,000 businesses rely on Offeo to create scroll-stopping content in minutes to promote their products.

Their collection of music visualizer templates makes it easy to add animated visuals, text, and effects to soundtracks, then resize content to promote songs on different platforms. All it takes to get started is an email address, then you have access to watermark free exports for videos up to three minutes long.


Videobolt is on a mission to automate video content creation. To make this happen for artists, Videobolt offers over 2100 premium templates, designed with a precise use-case in mind. In minutes, artists can intuitively customize templates that support the latest technical requirements specified by different social media platforms. With the free plan, you can upload custom fonts, access 15 second visualizers, use licensed audio, and videos are watermarked and exported at a low resolution.


With Motionbox, a social media video creation tool, you can quickly add audio spectrums to videos and collaborate with others in real-time. Simply upload your audio, trim the sound to highlight the best part, and add a visualizer. You can also bring motion to your creation with keyframing. For fast content creation, start with a template for a popular social media platform.

For free users, you can export videos in 720p, create unlimited projects and collaborate with others. Watermarks will appear on videos and the storage limit is 2GB. There are currently no limits for uploads and the timeline offers up to 1 hour of video time.


WoFox is an all in one visual content creation toolkit. This online editor helps creators craft digital content for social media ads, web, and print regardless of experience level. You can start with a template that matches the genre of music, then add audio and visualizer graphics that are synchronized to your audio.

There are templates with aspect ratios for social media platforms including TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to make distribution easy. The free forever plan gives you access to all premium templates, videos up to 30 seconds long, no watermark, unlimited designs, motions, photos, and unlimited in 360 px.


SongRender helps users create beautiful social media posts to promote audio. The drag and drop editor and customizable templates makes it easy for anyone to create professional posts without previous editing experience.

In addition to customizable music visualizers, you can add progress bars animations, text, fonts and graphics. You can export videos up to five minutes long for free without watermarks. Videos are also saved for seven days, have a 720p resolution, and render at a normal speed.


Vidsbeats allows independents artists and brands to create stunning visuals for music in three steps. Simply, search for a template, upload and customize assets, then save your video. There are over 100 predesigned full HD templates you can explore by genre that are fully customizable. In minutes, you can replace content to give templates a new look that represents your brand.

Registration is free and required to unlock all templates and allows you to produce previews. You can freely browse templates without registering for an account. It costs five dollars to save the video, and after payment is received, you'll receive a download link to click and save your video.


Vizzy, an online music video maker, allows you to create mind-blowing visuals for audio. You can start from scratch or use templates designed by a community of creators. A unique feature of Vizzy is you can write math formulas with the animation engine to create movement.

The powerful editor is packed with features that allow you to combine audio with spectacular effects and dancing visuals. You can create as many free projects as you want, and projects are saved indefinitely unless you're inactive for three months.

With the top ten online music visualizers covered, go ahead and explore the articles below for relevant tutorials. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for trendy video editing tutorials with Kapwing. If you have any questions or want updates on the latest Kapwing news, follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

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