Do you need to extract and save one frame from a video? Screenshots can be helpful for freezing a moment, making a meme, downloading a phone wallpaper, designing a thumbnail, or showing frame-by-frame action. Thankfully, there are quick free websites that help you easily save a PNG from a video.

In this article, I’ll describe how to screenshot a video using an online Convert Video tool called Kapwing. Kapwing works on any device and doesn't have any spammy ads, so it's a useful resource for quick conversions.

I’ll use an example of taking screenshots from a YouTube video: the Avenger’s Endgame trailer. Kapwing works on both computers, phones, and tablets, so you can use it anywhere to save a screenshot from a video.

Step 1: Open Convert Video Tool

Navigate to and open the “Convert Video” tool. You can either upload a video or paste a link to the video from YouTube, Google Drive, Imgur, Instagram, or any other site on the web.

Convert Video to Image Homepage

In addition to converting a video to an image, this Convert Video tool helps people convert videos to .MP3 music files, .GIF animation files, and .MP4 video file. It also enables people to save Instagram videos, download YouTube videos, and turn MP4s into GIFs for free.

Step 2: Upload the Video

The first step is to upload the video that you want to take a screenshot of. You can drag and drop the file onto the “Upload” button, find the video on your camera roll, or import the video from a URL. In my case, I imported the Marvel trailer from YouTube.

Kapwing supports most file types (MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV), as long as the video is shorter than 40 minutes long and smaller than 250MB.

Step 3: Select Moment to Screenshot

Next, you need to find the moment you want to screenshot! Once your video loads in the editor, select “.JPG” to download the screenshot as an image. Then, use the slider to select the frame that you want to save.

How to Screenshot a Video

Step 4: Download Screenshot

After the image preview looks correct, click “Create” to process the screenshot and download it! You can save the image to your device or publish it on social media. You can also click “Edit” to go back and select a different frame to screenshot. Make sure to tag #Kapwing for a like and follow from us!

Here’s the screenshot JPG that I get when I click “Download.” Notice that it matches the preview.

This technique works well for making memes from series of screenshots, like this Gunshots Meme made from frames in the “Who Killed Hannibal?” skit recording. Kapwing's Convert Video tool can also be used to rip an MP3 file from an MP4 or create a GIF from a video.