What is Split Screen Video?

Split screen video is a format where two or more videos are placed next to each other and played simultaneously. Split screen videos are the perfect way to add reactions to Youtube videos, compare sports plays, show off multiple different outfits, and create TikTok style collaborations. In this article I’ll show you how to easily create split screen videos:

  1. Upload your videos to Kapwing’s collage tool
  2. Arrange and edit them
  3. Publish and share

It can be really difficult to perform the simple task of putting videos side by side with industry standard software like iMovie or Adobe, and it’s tough to find the right app to download. With Kapwing you can easily create a split screen video online, with no download, for any purpose.

Here’s an example of a split screen video:

1. Upload your videos to Kapwing’s collage tool

You can choose one of our 13 templates or click Get Started for unlimited customizable options.

You can choose one of the side-by-side templates on the collage home page, like this standard split screen template (or the same but square sized), this comparison collage template, this Instagram side-by-side collage with a border, or this split screen template for a Story.

Once you click Get Started you will be taken to the Kapwing Studio. You can start with a blank canvas or upload an image/video for a background. Since you’re making a design with multiple photos or videos, I recommend starting with a blank canvas.

Once the canvas loads, you can change the canvas size by clicking “Resize” in the toolbar. You can choose from different social media formats like 9:16 for your Story, 16:8 for YouTube, or 1:1 for Instagram.

Step 2: Upload videos

Click Upload to insert your first videos. You can upload from your device, drag and drop, or import from another site like Youtube. You can also drag and drop your video directly onto the canvas.

After you have uploaded your first video, you can upload the second video from the bottom panel. Click Resize to choose the size of your canvas.

Step 3: Position videos side by side

Once both videos have been uploaded, position them side by side on the canvas. Move your videos around by clicking and dragging, and resize them by dragging the blue corner dots and choosing fill (to keep video fully visible) or lock the aspect ratio to prevent the dimensions from changing. You can choose to make your videos immediately adjacent or you can put thin borders around each piece of media.

[OPTIONAL] Step 4: Edit and add labels

Kapwing’s studio also allows you to add text, change the color of the background, and add shapes and images.

By selecting the “Trim” button in the video window, you can cut your video to the desired length and remove any extraneous beginning or ending sections. Options to delete and duplicate are also available in the video window.

On the main menu at the bottom, with no videos selected, you can add background music, insert a watermark, search for images, or add text labels to describe/add to your split screen video. You can also add a background color for additional flare.

Step 5: Create and Share

When you are happy with your split screen video, click Done. After your video processes, you can share the video URL with friends/family/customers/fans directly from Kapwing or download the video to publish to social media.


Using Kapwing’s online tools are a great option for creating side by side videos if you want to avoid downloading apps or learning complicated software. Creating video is often harder than it needs to be and we strive to simplify and improve video creation. Also check out other tools on the Kapwing website for a range of video editing options. Please share your side by side videos with us @kapwingapp on Instagram and Twitter!