In light of social distancing, most things have transitioned into the virtual atmosphere. Texting, emailing, facetiming, and sharing via social media have all become seemingly the main mode of communication. So, why not spice up the way we communicate online?

By choosing to fade in a photo, you are dramatizing a moment. For instance, I want to send an ecard to my relatives revealing my new dog (aka fur baby). If I fade in the image — it will exaggerate the reveal and make it all the more satisfying. Best part? It takes merely a few clicks to animate the image. So, why not? Here are the steps necessary:

  1. Upload a photo
  2. Animate
  3. Download

Step One: Upload a Photo

Work your way over to or the Kapwing app and then locate the Tools section. Once there, you’re going to head into the “Studio.” Now, depending on what you are hoping to create, you can begin by uploading a photo or start with a blank canvas. Once your backdrop is set up though — go to town! Add any additional photos, text, or sounds you’d like!

Step Two: Animate

Select whichever photo(s) you have on your canvas that you’d like to fade in. Then, click on the specific photo and look over at the right tools that will pop up. Under animation, you’re going to select “Fade” and then directly below, the speed in which you would like it to fade in at (slow, default, fast).

Step Three: Download

When everything looks good and you’re ready to share your creation, go ahead and hit that red “Publish” button in the top, right corner of the screen. The Kapwing kittens will get to processing your work and present the “Download” option once it’s ready! Now, go ahead and email, text, or post your finished creation to share with friends and family.

Be sure to tag us @KapwingApp when you share your projects on social media as we love to see what you all come up with! Also, subscribe to our Resources page to keep up to date with our constantly updated stream of tutorials and features! And now — I fade out.

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