Many popular instagram accounts have a thin, white border around each post. A border creates visual consistency and make the posts stand out from others, especially in the Explore grid. Padding also allows you to post videos and photos with different aspect ratios in the same Instagram album, since the background is 1:1 for each post.

Creators also add padding or border to their Instagram Stories and IGTV videos to make the main content pop. In this post, I’ll explain how you can add a border to an Instagram post using a free, online tool called Kapwing.

How to add padding for Instagram

Step 1: Upload your video or image

Open the Kapwing Resizer and upload your video or image. You can import a video directly from YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or Giphy by pasting a URL, or you can upload the video directly from your phone or computer. Kapwing is online, so it works from any device.

Kapwing’s online resizer helps you get the right aspect ratio

Step 2: Add a border

Choose the correct aspect ratio (1:1 for Instagram or 9:16 for IGTV) and a white or black background. Then, use the buttons on the right side of the editor to increase or decrease the padding around the video, using the preview as a guide.

Padding padding and position your video or image

Step 3: Download and share

Once the preview looks good, click the red “Export” button to process your video. Then, download the MP4 and upload it directly to Instagram.Kapwing adds a small watermark in the corner that you can remove for free by logging in with a Google or Facebook account.


Thanks for reading! I hope that this post helps you add artistic framing to your Instagram posts. For more content creation tips, subscribe to the Kapwing YouTube channel and follow us on Twitter @KapwingApp.