If you're working as a therapist or LSW social worker in 2020, you're most likely conducting all your appointments remotely, and Zoom has been the premiere video conferencing software of the COVID-19 period by far.

One of the coolest things about Zoom is that you have a lot of control over all the aspects of your meetings. Breakout rooms, layout changes, and webinar support set it apart from most other platforms, and custom virtual backgrounds allow you to appear to your patients exactly the way you want. Therapists and social workers put a lot of work into your physical office in order to make your patients feel as calm and comfortable as possible. In 2020, when telehealth has become more popular, a digital video space can add the same value. These Zoom backgrounds can convey the same sort of composure and comfort as your physical meeting space.  

Therapists, coaches, counselors, and social workers may be looking for professional virtual backgrounds to use in 2020. In this article, I hope to share some downloadable videos and images that you can upload to Zoom or other video calls for mental health calls.

Here are 5 different Zoom virtual backgrounds that are perfect to use as the backdrop of your remote therapy sessions. Just click "Download It" under the background image you'd like to use, and choose "Download" from the options on the right.

1. Zoom Background #1


This first one gives your sessions a nice homey feel. It's nice & polished, but the plants and lamps add some comfort to the atmosphere. Plus, the height and angle of the picture are perfect for a virtual background: it really looks like you're in front of a computer camera on top of a desk.

2. Zoom Background #2


Sometimes, an overly sharp virtual background can be distracting or fake-looking. This one is has a bit of blur added, which not only makes it unobtrusive, but gives you the effect of a higher-end webcam with visible depth-of-field differences.

3. Zoom Background #3


Nature scenes can play a significant role in all sorts of visualization techniques used by therapists. With this as your background, you won't be fooling anyone – it's obvious that you're not sitting in this idyllic landscape on your appointment calls – but it might go a long way in producing a calming, comfortable, relaxed environment that can let your patients decompress.

4. Zoom Background #4


You'd be lucky to have any room this pretty, but with Zoom virtual backgrounds, you can talk with your patients or clients from any room you'd like. The cool tones and small plants convey a calm atmosphere. The room is fairly small, however, which can make people both comfortable and uneasy – be mindful of your patients' sensitivities. If you usually hold appointments in a cozy space, though, this can be a perfect substitute.

5. Zoom Background #5


This is the most generic one of the bunch. Too much background clutter can get in the way of your Zoom meetings, so keeping it simple can never go wrong. This typical rendering of the contemporary therapist's office is your safe option – chances are your own office is somewhat similar.

How to add your virtual background to Zoom

Once you've downloaded and installed Zoom, it's simple to add a virtual background to your meetings. Just go to your settings, then "Virtual Background." Here, click the "+" button and find the virtual background image you downloaded in your file browser. Once you've selected the correct file, Zoom will immediately add it as your virtual background.

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