Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Gift Ideas for Content Creators

In 2020, content creators have been a source of entertainment, joy, and much-needed solace. In this article, I'm sharing a holiday gift guide as a thank you to creators.

Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Gift Ideas for Content Creators

If there's one thing we've all been looking forward to in 2020, it's the holidays. So much so that Pinterest users started searching for holiday content in April. Whether you're scrolling on Pinterest or tapping like on TikTok, content creators have proven to be a source of solace this year.

Jalaiah Harmon kept users on their toes with the Renegade dance challenge, and the Dalgona coffee trend flooded timelines as coffee lovers united over the whipped drink. These viral trends have kept many entertained and anticipating the next challenge. The holidays are the perfect time to return the favor and show appreciation for creators. In this article, I'm sharing gift ideas content creators will be happy to find under the Christmas tree.

External Hard Drive

Content creators can never have too much space to store photos, video clips, and music. That's why an external hard drive is a great gift idea. Even with ample space on a computer, it's a good idea to have a backup. The last thing anyone needs is to lose important content from a hard drive crashing unexpectedly.

The Seagate Expansion Portable hard drive is affordable and quickly installs via a USB port. All you have to do is drag and drop files to begin saving digital content to a laptop or PC. The My Passport drive by Western Digital is small enough to fit in your palm, perfect for a digital nomad. Digital content is kept safe with the help of password protection.

Thematic Premium

Thematic is the go-to website for content creators searching for royalty free music. Thematic's core features include pre-cleared music, curated selections, and creator support. The premium version takes it a step further by providing exclusive song access, mobile downloading, and the ability to create unlimited projects. Subscribers also get access to Thematic's community Discord server. A gift of Thematic premium will be a sigh of relief for creators looking to organize their expanding music library.  

Update: Thematic kindly sent an exclusive discount code, valid through January 31, 2021, for Kapwing creators to get 10% off the premium plan. Apply KAPWING10 at checkout to receive the discount!

Kapwing Pro

Since launching, Kapwing has been empowering creators with online tools to edit GIFs, videos, and photos for digital storytelling. The free version is great for one-off projects, but for long-term collaborative work, Kapwing Pro is essential. Kapwing Pro offers exporting time that's 2x faster, infinite storage, and the ability to export videos up to 40 minutes long.

Creators can upload custom fonts to maintain brand consistency in designs and get prioritized access to customer support. For improved accessibility, video creators can download SRT files for closed captioning and auto-transcribe videos. A subscription to Kapwing Pro not only improves the workflow for creators, but empowers them to create content for a wide audience.  

Blue Light Glasses

Content creators spend long hours staring at computer screens and mobile devices. This lengthy span of screen time and overexposure to blue light can produce eye strain. According to Harvard Health Publishing, Blue light is beneficial during the day because it improves reaction time, mood, and attentiveness, but nighttime exposure can disrupt sleep patterns. Blue light glasses provide a stylish layer of protection so creators can comfortably work during the day and get a good night's rest.

The top pair of blue light glasses are from Zenni's Blokz line for gamers. Glasses from the Blokz line have clear lenses, designed to be worn all day like regular glasses while protecting your eyes from blue light. The glasses at the bottom are from SOJOS VISION and block UV and blue light to prevent headaches and blurry vision.


A quality headset is essential for streamers trying to achieve crystal clear audio that captures funny commentary. Gamers are looking for noise-canceling headsets that are lightweight to comfortably live-stream for hours. The HyperX Cloud Alpha S Gaming Headset includes bass adjustment sliders, an audio control mixer, and a detachable noise cancellation mic.



Help vloggers capture steady shots of their adventure with the gift of a tripod. The Joby GorillaPod works with compact mirrorless cameras and fits easily in a pocket or handbag for lightweight travel. This tripod can be used for cinematography, vlogging, live-streaming, and still shots.


A quality webcam is great for creators that film directly from a desk. The Logitech c922 webcam is designed for serious streamers and features a glass lens with autofocus. The full HD streaming captures video at 1080p/30fps and 720p/30fps.

Words of Encouragement

Sometimes the best gifts can't be bought with money. While making content can be fun and rewarding, creators also deal with burnout and the comparison trap. Hearing words of encouragement could be the fuel a creator needs to reinforce their value and abilities. A simple text message or a handwritten note is all it takes. If you want to get creative, make a graphic using an online tool like Kapwing to jazz up your message.

I hope this article helped you find the perfect gift for the content creator in your life! For more content, subscribe to Kapwing App on YouTube and follow us on Twitter at @KapwingApp.

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