20 Vlogmas Ideas for 2021

Vlogmas is a yearly tradition for YouTubers to daily vlog in December until Christmas. Here's a list of vlogmas ideas for 2021.

20 Vlogmas Ideas for 2021

Vlogmas, coined by Ingrid Nilsen in 2011, is a yearly tradition when YouTubers daily vlog in December until Christmas. This festive tradition challenges creators to consistently produce content while viewers sit back and enjoy the videos.

Filling a content calendar with unique ideas to keep viewers engaged is a difficult, and admirable task. Some days are less active, but the challenge to upload remains. In this article, I'm sharing 20 vlogmas ideas to help you produce unique and festive videos.

Christmas Decorating Vlog

Home decorating vlogs are easily my favorite videos to watch on YouTube. Viewers get a sneak peek into the homes of their favorite creators while getting home decor inspiration for their own space. You can film yourself shopping for festive decor, then record how you style each piece. For the end of the vlog, film a tour of your Christmas-themed home for a grand reveal.

Christmas Playlist

You know Christmas is coming when shops and commercials start playing holiday music. Use this as an opportunity to share a 2021 Christmas playlist with your subscribers. Many YouTubers will get in their car and play short snippets of every song to avoid copyright violations. You can also dress up your filming space with tinsel, lights, and ornaments to channel the holiday spirit while sharing your playlist at home.

If you're a foodie like me, then a Christmas cookie decorating video is a must for vlogmas. You can buy plain sugar cookies, frosting, sprinkles, and other yummy toppings to prepare, then press record to begin decorating. Reindeers, Santa Clause, Christmas trees, and ornaments are fun ideas to  stencil onto cookies.

Christmas Morning Routine

Some creators like to adjust their morning routine as the seasons' change. If this is you, a Christmas morning routine vlog could be worth filming. You could share your go-to holiday breakfast, Christmas coffee recipe, cozy morning essentials, and anything else you desire to create the perfect Christmas morning routine video.

Christmas Giveaway

If you're close to hitting a subscriber milestone or you simply want to spread holiday cheer, have a Christmas giveaway. You can keep it simple and give away hot chocolate, gift cards, candles, tea, and potpourri for an affordable holiday-themed giveaway. Set up rules to enter, like hitting the subscribe button, and you're all set! This is a good way to grow your channel too.

Christmas Present Haul Video

A Christmas present haul is an easy way to wrap up vlogmas if you're comfortable sharing your gifts. You can do a product review of each item, try on new clothes, and test out fun gadgets for a live demonstration.

Christmas Caroling Vlog

Show off your vocal chops with a Christmas caroling vlog. You can film how you get ready to brace the cold weather (if that applies to your city), record vocal warm up techniques, and share a short introduction of each caroler before heading out into the neighborhood.  

DIY Ugly Sweater Tutorial

Get crafty and DIY an ugly Christmas sweater you can debut at a fun holiday party. Walk viewers through all the supplies, then begin stitching, ironing, and gluing on embellishments. You can record yourself wearing the sweater in public to capture reactions from passersby to add humor.

Christmas Baking Vlog

Put your baking skills to the test with an entire vlog dedicated to making desserts. Find the best holiday cookie, cake, cinnamon roll, and cupcake recipes, then turn your kitchen into the set of a cooking show! Have friends and family taste test your food to capture their reactions.

Christmas Gift Shopping

Head out to record a day of shopping while checking off items on your Christmas gift list. You can film watch you're listening to while you commute, an OOTD, and any breaks you take in between shops to rest and eat.

Day in My Life Christmas Edition

Whether you're relaxing at home or have a bustling day planned, you can record a Christmas day in the life video. These videos can make you appear relatable as you show the ordinary aspects of your life.

Christmas Storytime Vlog

Storytime videos have been a success since their launch. YouTubers get to share jaw-dropping stories while viewers eagerly listen to every juicy detail. While these videos are fun to watch, try to keep names and locations private to protect yourself and others in the story.

Christmas Get Ready With Me

The classic "get ready with me" video is a staple on YouTube. You can stick to your usual routine and add Christmas music or create a fun holiday look for a lunch date, night out to dinner, holiday party, or even to run errands. Any occasion can be a reason to film a get ready with me video.

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas shopping for loved ones can feel impossible. Trying to find the perfect gift while pleasing varying interests, styles and personalities is time-consuming and mentally straining. A Christmas gift guide can help viewers in this predicament. You can make a gift guide for significant others, parents, besties, and more.

Build a Gingerbread House

Whether you're alone or with a group, you can build a gingerbread house for vlogmas. You can bake the gingerbread pieces for a full day of baking or buy a kit to begin decorating right away.

Holiday Lookbook

Christmas is generally a time for holiday parties and traveling to meet up with loved ones. If your calendar is similarly filled with holiday events, record a lookbook to share what you plan on wearing.

Advent Calendar Unboxing

Advent calendars have been growing in popularity as more brands adopt its use. You'll find luxury, beauty, Disney, and even toy themed advent calendars to choose between. With the calendar in hand, record an unboxing to reveal the contents of each door.

Christmas Wishlist

Check your Christmas wishlist twice by filming a wishlist video. This could give viewers ideas for their wishlists while dropping hints to friends and family members that watch your videos.

Iceskating Vlog

Iceskating is a bucket list item to check off for the Christmas season, and makes for a great vlog. Capture the glides, slips, and falls while having a fun time laughing and creating memories.

City Lights Vlog

Capture all the beauty in your city at night with a city lights vlog. Downtown is typically a great place to record all of the dazzling string lights, Christmas trees, and decorations, lighting up buildings at night. Add soft background music to your video, then let the view speak for itself.

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